Rush Limbaugh Hates White Women So Much Right Now, He Just Called Them Black Men

Post-Racial America
Rush Limbaugh Hates White Women So Much Right Now, He Just Called Them Black Men

Rush Limbaugh is very mad at the Millennial white women, but not for the pervy reasons you would automatically assume about a pathetic and sexually revolting piece of garbage like him. No, he just thinks they are all #thuglife and "hoods" and should PULL THEIR PANTS UP.

In other words, Rush is so mad at Millennial white women he is calling them the biggest insult he can think of, which is Black. Tells you somethin', don't it.

Rush spoke to a caller in St. Louis on Wednesday, a taxi driver, and he learned things that just really bothered him. They were talking about a poll showing 65 percent support for Black Lives Matter, and the taxi driver in St. Louis, well he knows something about that poll, because he knows when all the yard signs for Black Lives Matter went up, because of how he drives around all the time. (We believe the taxi driver on this! It's not science, but we believe taxi drivers notice signs!)

Taxi Driver's point was that he thinks support for Black Lives Matter, and thus yard signs, shot the hell up after George Floyd was murdered, which ... OK, it doesn't take a scientist or a taxi driver in St. Louis to figure that out. Of course, Taxi Driver thinks there's a THAT'S HOW THEY GITCHA involved here, because there always is.

CALLER: Lawn signs. That 65 percent poll for Black Lives Matter, in my opinion, 100 percent reflects the outrage over the killing of George Floyd. It does not reflect support for the full Black Lives Matter. Somehow, the poll was able to capture that in the way it was worded, or the way they led people, or however it was communicated. That's what they tapped into. Half the Black Lives Matter signs out there came up right after George Floyd was killed.

Yep. In fact, we think Floyd's murder, happening during a pandemic when people couldn't look away, has really awakened a lot of white people. Of course, you see the THAT'S HOW THEY GITCHA, which is that the pollsters obviously communicated the question unfairly. They probably even said Floyd was murdered, instead of just saying, "Hey, you know how the Blacks are, right? Yes or no?"

Storytime, then we will get to Rush losing it at the white women and calling them "hoods":

Our neighborhood in Memphis is majority white, and probably about 70 percent liberal, with a smattering of selfish city Republican voters tossed in. You see a lot of Biden signs, a few remaining Bernie signs, and no one would be caught dead with a Trump sign in their yard, even if they are one of the assholes planning to quietly vote for him. You want to be shit-talked on NextDoor? Dare you to put up that Trump sign.

The neighborhood next to us? Some cool people, and also some REAL remnants of the Confederacy. One of those Old South, old money Fancy Dan neighborhoods.

There were always a handful of Black Lives Matter signs, but now there are many, and we also see a shitload of signs that bear the names of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, with a verse from Amos, about letting justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. Those signs? Everywhere. Even in Confederate Pines next door. We were pleasantly surprised to learn the sign campaign was created by members of a very conservative (Old South Confederate Calvinist) church nearby, one where people who are members of THE country club go. (And if you live somewhere where there is a difference between THE country club and every other country club, you know of which we speak.)

Point is, things are changing, people are waking up, slowly and clumsily. So yes, Taxi Driver! Yard signs! Correct!

This clearly freaked Rush out. Back to the tape:

LIMBAUGH: Wait a minute. Hold it, sir. Are you telling me that as you — as you work —


LIMBAUGH: — your average day driving around in St. Louis, you see Black Lives Matter signs, like you would see a Trump sign or a Biden sign in people's front yards?

CALLER: Absolutely, lots of them. Yeah, sure.

WHAT? Even in WHITE neighborhoods? How can this beeee, how can this beeeeeeee!

Rush, tell us about the #thug white ladies, and how the polls are forcing Americans to be nice to Black people:

LIMBAUGH: [T]he pollsters obviously are doing this purposely. Because I'm telling you, folks, I think this is another attempt by Gallup and whoever the pollsters are to shape public opinion and not reflect it. Because I refuse to believe — I refuse to believe — that 65% of the American people support this insanity.

He just refuses. After all, Rush is a big fat racist pigmouth, so if 65 percent of Americans support Black Lives Matter, then that means everything Rush believes about how all white people secretly agree with him is probably bullshit. Womp womp.

LIMBAUGH: I believe that 65 percent of Millennial white women might support it. But I don't believe 65 percent of the American people do. I know that this protest is largely driven by Millennial, college-educated white women. [...]

[M]ore and more young women in this country are becoming nothing more than hoods.Your average ne'er-do-well in the 'hood — white women.

Wow! Do you see what we mean about how he was trying to dish out the meanest insult he could to white women, so he called them Black men? Specifically the kind he probably thinks should PULL THEIR PANTS UP!

To be fair, he probably just wanted to call them "cunts," but knew he couldn't on the radio.

Our point is that Rush Limbaugh is a fucking racist misogynistic heap of garbage, and your yard signs probably make him wonder if his entire life has been a waste.

BRB, putting up more signs in the yard.

[Media Matters]

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