Sad Ted Cruz Phone-Banks For 'Nominee' He 'Supports,' Whomever That Might Be, No Way To Know


Please take 30 seconds to enjoy seeing Ted Cruz transform himself into a sad, sad little man as he phone banks for Republican Get Out The Vote efforts in Fort Worth, Texas, Wednesday. You'll notice he doesn't actually say one name: The one plastered on campaign signs all over the walls behind him. That's right -- he doesn't mention Rep. Joe Barton even once. Or that Trump guy, either. We guess, after his kicked-dog endorsement of Trump, he is trying to get back that one moment of integrity at the Republican Convention.

Photojournalist G.J. McCarthy, who shared the clip, noted that Cruz did not have "much luck getting a live human on line while making calls."

McCarthy said Cruz left the same voicemail a few times.

"Hi, This is Ted Cruz calling. I was calling you to encourage you to come out and vote on Election Day," he begins. "This election is critical for the direction of our country, and I urge you to come out and support freedom and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights."

Texas voters: "Todd Cruise? I don't know any Todd Cruise."

Needless to say, Twitter had all kinds of fun with the video:

And with his final transformation into another version of the Chris Christie hostage video, Ted Cruz now has produced a perfect image for anyone running against him in the 2020 primaries.

Even in his moment of humiliation, there's simply something about that face you want to punch. Happily, our commenting rules preclude us from saying that.

Update: OK, Yr Editrix just found this one, which is far too good to overlook:

[G.J. McCarthy on Twitter / The Hill / WaPo]

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