Sad Ted Cruz Wonders Why Obama Hates Poor People So Much

Republicans are On Message, you guys, with their 2016 talking points. They are being very disciplined lately when they say lies with their mouths about the economy, maybe Politics USA is right that the nice people at the secret Koch meeting helped them figure out what to say, all together?

Here is Ted Cruz (R-TX) talking with George Stephanopolous about income inequality, and guess what? Cruz says the exact same thing Paul Ryan said last week, which is that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton only love the top one percent, and Democrats want to screw over Poor People, it is so obvious, and Republicans love Poor People very much, why can't you even see that, George Stephanopolous?

Stephanopolous starts by reminding Cruz that the recent unemployment numbers rock.

Here’s what Kevin Hassett, an economic adviser to John McCain and Mitt Romney, told The Washington Post: He said, “When Hillary Clinton runs, she’s going to say, ‘The Republicans gave us a crappy economy twice, and we fixed it twice. Why would you ever trust them again?'"

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This is an excellent question, George Stephanopolous, and we love that you quoted a Republican economic adviser. Why would we ever trust Republicans again? Actually, there are so many reasons why we would not, but Ted Cruz surprisingly does not answer that question. Instead, he opens his mouth and misleading comments gurgle out:

The top 1 percent under President Obama, the millionaires and billionaires that he constantly demagogued, earned a higher share for our income than any year since 1928. Those with power and influence who walk the corridors of power of the Obama administration have gotten fat and happy under big government.

Do we really have to go over this again? Of course we do, and we will keep going over it until probably about early November 2016, just guessing. Income inequality exploded between 1996 and 2006 (before President Obama was elected, so do not even). The Congressional Budget Office, which is apparently a bunch of commies (no they are not), says the bottom 20 percent of taxpayers saw a 6 percent loss in after tax income during this time. The top .01 percent saw a 96 percent GAIN. So part of that could possibly be blamed on Bill Clinton, if we are being fair (shut UP, we are always fair), but not on Hillary (unless we are blaming Laura for the Bush tax cuts? No, we are not), and not on Obama. The Bush tax cuts cut the average tax rate for the rich by 25 percent. For the RICH.

Remember when the Obama administration messed with the Bush tax cuts on extremely wealthy people (and in fact, these people have kept the Bush-era cuts on their first $450,000, they just have to pay higher taxes on their income above that) and Republicans cared so much about poor people that they threw a fit about extremely wealthy people paying more taxes? We don't remember that fit either.

And, hello, President Obama has accomplished some huge policies that help low-income people. Read this again if you would enjoy a list of those things. Republicans have opposed ALL of this, ALL of the time, ALWAYS. One of their first acts in the new Congress was to pass legislation easing financial regulations on the big banks that literally screwed the country in 2008. But Republicans still love you, Poor People, don't worry. They will probably show their love for you by repealing the Affordable Care Act, and then you will all die, bye!

George Stephanopolous had the best comeback after Cruz was done lying (haha, he is never done), which was "Sounds like you've got your economic stump speech down." Yes, it does sound like that, Ted Cruz, now go away.

[Politics USA]


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