Salon And Patton Oswalt: You've Been TWITCH-SLAPPED!

Comedian Patton Oswalt did battle on Twitter today against Salon and everyone who has ever looked at it over its coverage of the Stephen Colbert incident, where Stephen Colbert said a joke about the Redskins, and then the show tweeted the punch line which was basically like "Mi So Horny" or something. Then lots of people wanted to fire Stephen Colbert! But Salon didn't want to fire Stephen Colbert! And then Patton Oswalt got mad, because he made a Mi So Horny joke once, and they did not get it, because they are dumb. 

It was Outrage Friday on Twitter as liberal “comedian” Patton Oswalt decided to go on offense against Salon and writer Mary Elizabeth Williams over the leftist publication’s defense of Stephen Colbert’s vile racism.

Oswalt  is still upset over being attacked by Salon last May for not criticizing another comedian's rape joke, and, more to the point of today's twitfight, again in July when he pulled a Colbert over a San Francisco TV station’s coverage of the tragic Asiana Airlines crash.

Which led to Salon’s criticism of him, which sent Oswalt on the warpath:

Anyway, Salon's Mary Beth Williams was not taking today’s umbrage lying down.

It’s so cute when leftists attack each other! When they’re done maybe they can all make up over mojitos at a bar in Uncle Fidel’s Havana!

Of course, current Salon writer and liberal man-child Alex Pareene had to jump to Williams’s defense.

Pareene, if you recall, began his career writing for Gawker and its then-political blog, the atrocious Wonkette, a fact that Oswalt gleefully pointed out. We guess Gawker doesn’t even rise to “The King of Queens” level of sophisticated comedy!


And Oswalt wouldn't let up as Pareene vainly tried to defend himself.

And even now, they're still at it! All this fighting can't be good for your blood pressure, Patton.

But who is the winner in this seemingly never-ending battle to deathly coma?

It is Colby College, of course.

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