Usual Suspects So Mad Sam Smith And Kim Petras LITERALLY Summoned Satan During Grammys

Last night's Grammy Awards were a night for Black and brown people, for women, for LGBTQ+ people, for unique people, for interesting people, for people who have something to add to the culture. It was a night to celebrate 50 years of hip-hop with one of the coolest and best produced performances we have ever seen on an awards show. (The entire show was one of the best-produced awards shows we have ever seen.)

It was a night to celebrate Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson — his new album is called "Gasms," if you didn't know that, and it's a fact you need to know.

It was a night for Brandi Carlile's wife and kids to introduce her performance, and for Lizzo to give one of the best acceptance speeches ever.

The whole show was just fun.

And it was full of things that people who are the opposite of fun -- MAGA conservatives the culture abandoned long ago, never to invite them to participate again — were sure to view as personal slights, things for them to bitch and moan about, and things to terrify the shit out of them.

So that's a bonus.

It shouldn't be surprising at this point, considering right-wingers' current prurient obsessions, that the thing they're melting down about the most is Sam Smith and Kim Petras. You know, because TRANSGENDER WOKE DEVIL SATAN GROOMERS!

When Smith and Petras won Best Duo Performance for their banger "Unholy," Smith had Petras accept the award, as she was the first transgender woman to win that award. (Here's a list of all the winners.) And oh, how the audience cheered. When Madonna made a surprise appearance to introduce their performance later in the show, she said artists who get labeled "scandalous" or "shocking" or a number of other adjectives are "definitely on to something," and please don't stop.

And when we saw Smith's costume and devil horns, we laughed, because it was such easy bait for all the usual suspects.

Surprise, they bit on it hard with their dumbstupid little easily baited chompers:

Is Pfizer the official sponsor of Devil now? And is Greene also ludicrously easy bait for the Satanic Temple's abortion clinic trolling? Of course, she says patients have to "perform a satanic ritual before services" because she misunderstood their statement, because she's a halfwit.

Here ... is ... Ted Cruz:

Yep, too easy.

Speaking of "easily baited," Matt Walsh and his neckbeard made a couple of comments about last night's show. We all know about his predilection for obsessing over transgender people's genitals, so that's what he talked about.

Reading about Petras's transition, we are struck by how much it was a decision made by her, her parents, and her doctors, and nobody even consulted Matt Walsh.

He also retweeted this:


It's easy to forget that there are people who literally believe there are devils and demons flying around in the air and hiding under their beds, engaged in battles for their souls. So when Sam Smith puts on some silly devil horns they all shit their pants like they saw a balloon.

Y'all, look at Charlie Kirk and his bumpy misshapen head, believing in devils and demons flying around in the air and hiding under his bed trying to COME GIT HIM:

Bless his heart.

Bless his heart.



Warmest regards to these people. We can hardly wait for Media Matters to watch and listen to all their shows later, should be hilarious.

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