The president is aware of the Resurrection, and we have nothing more to add at this time.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders brought her trademark vivacity and joie de vivre to the reading of a very simplified version of the Easter story to kids at the White House Easter Egg Roll yesterday, and it truly is a thing to behold, as Sanders -- who said she reads this book to her own kids -- manages to make the story of Christ's triumph over death sound more like a hostage video. We like the way she shows the pictures to the kids with such obvious warmth and interest. Enjoy!

We hear Steven Wright saw this video and demanded she stop stealing his act.

Also -- and this is hardly Sanders's fault, we suppose -- is it usual for children's stories of the Resurrection to leave out the crucifixion altogether? Yr Dok Zoom seems to remember knowing the whole coming-back-from-the-dead part from an early age. In this version, "Jesus was taken away, and his disciples were very sad. But Jesus had told them he would be back after three days." We do at least learn that the tomb was empty, so the brighter kids can read between the lines.

Which reminds us of our favorite part of the Easter story, sadly not included in Sanders's retelling, either:

Those disciples were such a bunch of doofuses, always falling asleep during parables, holding a race to witness the Risen Lord. Might be a fairly comforting message in there, were one inclined to see it that way.

Also, if the comments on the White House's YouTube page are any indication, a not inconsiderable portion of the audience was very, very impressed with her delivery:

  • SO GREAT! Sarah Sanders is a model picture of professionalism, and we greatly appreciate how she represents the White House!
  • I love Sarah so much!! She is classy, articulate, kind, and rational.
  • Praise God that we have real Christians in charge for even a little bit of time. God is so good and saves us from a certain doom. By the blood of Jesus. Praise the Lord all my soul, allllll my soul, worship his holy name! HE IS RISEN!!!!!!!
  • Leftists have a fit when God is mentioned anywhere and at any time. They also hate it that President Trump attends church.
  • President Trump has made Easter at The White House meaningful again, God Bless President Trump and his Family.God Bless VP Mike Pence and his Family too.
  • Thank You Sarah. Always the professional. My brother thinks you are going to be the first female president. Is he right..

Maybe we're wrong, then. This may in fact have been the most moving delivery of the Jebus story by a very bland white lady on the White House staff ever.

You have to admit it's a far better than Obama's Easter Egg Roll story, shown here: "Tiny Infidels Must Submit to Islam Or Be Put To The Sword!"

'And now,' cried Max, 'Let the wild Jihad start!'

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[Marcus Gilmer on Twitter / YouTube / Schooley on Twitter]

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