Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders going to quit her job toward the end of the year like CBS News says? And is she going to take Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah with her, which will leave nobody in the White House press department to shoulder the responsibility of lying to the American people for fun and profit, except for all the rest of the liars in the West Wing? Who can say! Let's ask Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a known liar:

She's totally quitting. But golly gee, what on earth will she do afterward? It's not like she's qualified for any other jobs, and nobody's hiring people with "Trump administration" on their resumes.

Maybe Hobby Lobby has an opening for a cashier who will lie to your face about big sales on pipe cleaners.

So this is a fun scoop/rumor, and we certainly do hope it's true, because Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a detestable human being (with, as Michelle Wolf pointed out, a perfect smoky eye) and we would enjoy not having to see her face every day. Of course, whoever replaces her will probably be worse.

Anything else, CBS?

Several other lower-level positions in the communications department left vacant in recent weeks are likely to remain unfilled, with more departures expected in the coming weeks, according to a former official.


As CBS notes, the Brookings Institution has been keeping track, and the Trump administration turnover rate sits at 51%, which is exactly one million percent higher than all other administrations combined, according to our back-of-the-napkin math. This is because nobody wants to work at the Trump White House, because it is a shithole. Would you take a job there? The fuck you would. Maybe the Shit-ler regime should start being a little nicer to illegal immigrants, because aren't we always hearing about how they're willing to do jobs Americans don't want to do? Maybe one of them can be press secretary!

And lest you think this is just part of Trump being a businessman who runs a tight ship (you would be an idiot if you thought that), here is a quote from a Brookings person:

If the White House were a private-sector business, [Brookings fellow Kathryn Dunn] Tenpas said the level of turnover among senior staffers would result in the "stock and shareholders ... going nuts."

Also, according to a "source close to the administration," since nobody in their right mind wants to work at the Trump White House, the people working there right now are even more stupid and unqualified than the first and second people who held their positions, which you can see for yourself if you turn on the TV and watch current Trump administration people yapping their mouths.

This is part of why, as Politico reports, the Trump White House is begging for people to apply for jobs there at an upcoming job fair on the Hill. Yes, a job fair! They are looking for only the dumbest, most gullible idiots -- or as they call them, "conservatives" -- to come and apply! So if you happen to be a dumb moron at the job fair, and you for some reason hate yourself enough to apply for a job working for Trump, we think a good interview tip would be "Try not to laugh under your breath about how the Trump White House is advertising at a job fair."

But don't worry, kids! Even if you do break down giggling, they'll probably give you a job anyway, that is how desperate they are.

You will work there for a few months, after which time you will resign in disgrace and be unemployable for the rest of your natural human life, just like Sarah Huckabee Sanders is about to find out, ALLEGEDLY.

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