Sarah Palin Earns Fox News Check By Implying Common, Obama Are Racist

Sarah Palin Earns Fox News Check By Implying Common, Obama Are Racist

  • "It is just too easy," dutiful Fox News screecher Sarah Palin said to get another check last night, referring to her ability to pick a fight with the White House for allowing a (CELEBRATED) black hip-hop artist into the building, knowing that a very familiar segment of the country will automatically believe any negative thing a white public figure says about such a man. Her syntax was convoluted as always, but she still managed to imply Common and the president are racist: "We thought we were to be united under the leader of the free world, Barack Obama in tamping down racism and inciting violence — and cop killing certainly — and killing a former president." Yes, why hasn't Obama tamped down inciting killing a former president? The only thing children are being taught today is that it feels good to have sex, do drugs, and force Jimmy Carter to drink a fatal amount of antifreeze. [Politico]
  • Newt Gingrich released his opening campaign video. He says the United States should "impose" solutions on "those forces that don't want to change." Your number's up, gay people! And he says he will "tell the truth," so we guess he's going to be totally upfront with his wife about all the affairs he's going to have these coming months. [YouTube]
  • A survey says 85% of college graduates move back home with their parents after they get their diploma. This is because the economy has found human beings are no longer required in order to make profits. Future: won. [Time]

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