Sarah Palin 'Favorites' Obama Jesus-Blood Church Sign Photo

Oh God, why did They have to do all the news yesterday and Tuesday? There's nothing going on today. Okay, fine, we will post this thing that Sarah Palin's Twitter account "favorited" last week. Everyone else who it was sent to is writing about this, right? And this way we won't have to address all the inane speculation today about her presidential run? Good. Here. Enjoy this dumb sign.

The low-cost Indian servant who is running Sarah Palin's Twitter account from Mumbai "favorited" this because her life is awful.

Ann Coulter, who first retweeted this image, said this is "my new church," because she is awful.

This church put up this sign because it hates its Christian duty to love its fellow humans because it is awful.

People who spend their lives full of hate go to churches like this because they are awful.

And Barack Obama has to put up with shit like this because he is a Taliban and most people just blindly assume he is Muslim and could not be duly elected president just because of that. Yes, we have president who is a Taliban. Deal with it, America. The end. [FINE, Palingates]


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