Sarah Palin Goes On Fox To Yell At Fox For Molesting Duggar Girls On Fox

Is Sarah Palin on drugs? We don't know, but maybe! We hear Alaska is a great place for scoring meth, to buy with your government hand-out checks from sweet drill-baby-drilled oil profits. And maybe those drugs have eated up the itsy bits of Palin's brain? We're just asking, with question marks, which makes it OK to say whatever we want.

We will report, so you can decide if Sarah Palin is on drugs? Here she is, on Sean Hannity's show (on Fox News), saying a whole mess of words about how terrible it is that The Media (Fox News) exposed two of the Duggar girls (on Fox News) by interviewing them about that one time their brother Josh repeatedly molested them, for more than a year (that we are aware of):

I wrote a post after Bristol had pointed out that issues like say, um, that liberal actress, Lena Dunham, having admitted and gleefully wrote about, offered up and had been rewarded with fame and fortune for admitting to her sexual predatation [sic] with her own little sister, that she used her sister for sexual experiments and for her sexual outlet, and Lena Dunham has been as I say praised, rewarded, and um you know the media just has this great big yawn when it comes to covering she or others that we have heard about on the liberal side of issues.

Yes, we read that FaceSpace post that "Sarah Palin" "wrote" (even though there are no made-up words like "predatation" in it so we think it was wrote by her ghost scribbler) about how Lena Dunham is a PEDOPHILE!!! because when she was seven, she looked at her sister's yoni, but Josh Duggar is NOT A PEDOPHILE because liberal media, that's why. Maybe that is when should have worried about Palin's drug-addled brain?

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Anyway, Sarah swears, as she did on FaceStuff, she is NOT defending Josh, but it's kind of hard to know that because of how she describes his "predatation":

And yet they try to crucify an entire family for a 14-year-old boy's issue that he had, which was a bad bad bad issue, 12 years ago, and it was an example that I used with this double standard, the hypocrisy that you know is so absolutely blatant in this case.

Should we point out that Lena Dunham was younger than 14 when she did her bad bad bad issue, and it was more than 12 years ago? Nah, let's look at some further evidence that maybe Sarah Palin is on drugs? Perhaps something about how terrible it is that Fox News violated the privacy of two of the sisters Josh molested, by making them go on Fox News to talk about that:

These girls are being revictimized. For shame, on the media, for under the guise of hey gotta let them have their say anyway, let's interview them and put them there back into the fire and let them explain. They're innocent! And these girls, yes, so humiliated.

Yeah, Fox News, shame on you for doing that thing that no other media outlet has done, interviewing the Duggars like that! But also too, let's talk about the REAL issue that everyone on Fox has agreed is the REAL issue -- the perfectly legal release of redacted police records, in response to a Freedom of Information request:

The release of these confidential records is, it's tragic. It's illegal, it's unethical. Why isn't the dialogue going right now towards hey, let's get that law enforcement official -- he or her -- who released this file, this confidential.

Who -- who has been a victim, is a victim -- would ever want to speak out and still be able to trust law enforcement that what they're being told, with counselors and amongst themselves, that their files are going to be held confidential, and then they're exploited! Why isn't the press going after that police chief, she or he or whomever it was who released this, and you know it was for political reasons, Sean.

What the fuck do all those words mean? No idea. Except maybe that Sarah Palin is on drugs? We are just asking, so you can decide.

[Fox News via TPM]


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