Sarah Palin Has Answer To Syria: 'Bomb Obamacare'

Sarah Palin Has Answer To Syria: 'Bomb Obamacare'

Wow, are you losers still caring about that Syria thing? That is so dumb. Syria is this whole other country, and you can't even see it from your house! Besides, Allah will sort it out. Foreign policy expert Sarah Palin already told you that weeks ago! So now that's all resolved, let's please get back to focusing on what really matters: death panels.

Wait, what? Wasn't that whole panels thing debunked eleventy quadrillionteen times? Yes, but now there is new, indisputable evidence that Sarah Palin was right about death panels all along. What is this new evidence? Why, it is a video of people saying "death panels." Case closed also!

It's not like Palin didn't try to warn us, ringing those bells and firing those shots and argle bargling those tweets just like Paul Revere did back in the 1400s. She said "death panels" soooooooo many times. But the lamestream media just laughed and laughed and said, "There is no such thing as death panels." Fortunately for us real Americans, Palin's no quitter. She will say "death panels" as many times as she must, no matter how hard liberals like John McCain try to make us not care about death panels with this dumb "foreign fiasco distraction." (God, McCain, do you even listen to Sarah Palin anymore? She already told you Allah will take care of it!)

So come on, America, stop paying attention to countries that are not USA! USA!, and let's start dropping some bombs on the real threat to our freedoms: affordable health care. Because Allah obviously cannot take care of Syria and Obamacare. And then maybe the IRS because it is verrrrrrry scarrrrrrry.


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