Sarah Palin: Iran Bad, Obama Bad, Let's Build A Wall, Something Something You Betcha

Just in case you were worried (or hoping) that after losing her big Fox News gig and walking out on her already foundering pretend teevee channel, you might be seeing less of Sarah Palin, you'll be delighted or nauseated to know that she can still throw a bunch of words into a blender and get them published at Dead Breitbart's Internet Refuge for Drooling Vipers. Such was the case Wednesday, as the legendary foreign policy visionary who foresaw the Russian occupation of Ukraine looked once again into her crystal doorknob and warned that this week's nuclear arms agreement with Iran is going to be big trouble, because it's not merely a plan to put Iran's nuclear program on ice -- it's actually a complete surrender of both the United States and Israel to the Islamic Republic. And she is not one bit surprised:

Don’t say it’s unbelievable. Of course it’s believable. This is the world we live in today under American leadership that would surrender Israel’s security and our own.

Don’t say it’s unbelievable. When Barack Obama warned voters he would “fundamentally transform America” and they voted for him anyway – twice – what was once the most powerful office in the world crumbled under perverted political ambition.

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So we've surrendered to Iran, which is about what you'd expect from Barack Obama's terrible political ambition. What ambition is that? Well, duh, to destroy America and hand it over to the Bad Guys, because that's what he does. And in return, his Iranian Bosses will let him destroy America some more, we guess. Don't expect Sarah Palin to explain him, since he's clearly a madman.

Oh, sorry, were we actually trying to make sense of something Sarah Palin said? Terrible habit, that.

In any case, now that Obama has surrendered, Palin advises that "We must build up the foundation again; rebuild the wall protecting our -- and Israel’s -- sovereignty. There are 554 days until we do that, by fundamentally restoring America." Which wall is that? The one on the Mexican border? Some metaphorical wall that would do a better job of constraining Iran's nuclear program than shipping 95 percent of their enriched uranium from the country and dismantling 2/3 of their centrifuges? Is that wall made of wishes? Or maybe it's made of pure resolve and toughness, which is the best imaginary wall there is.

Palin then tells Congress to do its job, "stop the madness," and "Veto Obama’s act of capitulation. Take the white flag of surrender out of this President’s hand." Good to see she understands the job of the legislative and executive branches as well as ever.

Sarah also has a warning for any politicians foolish enough to not exercise their veto power over Obama:

And by the way, politicians, any of you supporting this while still sending our sons and daughters to war under the pretense of fighting threatening regimes; any of you joining the left’s group hug around Iran’s intentions, I question whether you are fit to shake the hand of a single sacrificial veteran or active duty American.

Is Sarah Palin saying it's not worth fighting threatening regimes -- wherever they are, she's a busy woman and hasn't had time to look up which ones we're fighting just now ... maybe "Ukraine"? That was the right answer that one time. Or it's all a sham now that we've surrendered? And how does one hug "intentions," exactly? By the time we finally got to "a single sacrificial veteran," we had simply given up trying to make sense of the word salad. We guess she meant veterans who have made sacrifices, but what she actually wrote sounds more like veterans are just being sacrificed for some unknown reason, which maybe she's OK with, too.

Happily, after four exhausting paragraphs, Sarah was done, too, and she devoted the rest of the column to a letter she'd received from a "friend in the heartland of our great nation," which fretted about how Obama just gave Iran complete permission "TO GO NUCLEAR." Which Iran never would have done if only we'd never negotiated and just had another quick war in the Middle East. That has worked out so well for us lately.

And then Sarah checked her bank account to make sure the direct deposit from Breitbart went through.


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