Sarah Palin Leads 'Not Sure' By 8 Points For 2014 Alaska Senate Race


So what if she's not actually running (yet), and maybe shespends most of her time in Arizona these days, but if she wants the job, a new poll shows bitter quitter Sarah Palin leading the contenders for the 2014 GOP Senate nomination in Alaska. The poll, sponsored by some Tea Party fan fiction club dedicated to "Senator Sarah Palin" fantasies, gave grizzly grandma 32% support, while Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell got 30%. 2010 GOP Senate nominee Joe Miller got a whopping 14% of support, and at this early stage, 24% of respondents answered "Not Sure." We can hardly wait until Palin accuses this Not Sure dude of wanting to take away your guns!

Your Wonkette is of course vehemently pro- "Sarah Palin embarrassing herself in another doomed run for national office," but only Treadway and Miller have formed exploratory committees to run against Democrat Mark Begich in 2014. Palin seems content at this time merely to get standing ovations from the National Rifle Association and to bleat nonsense into the void of Twitter when she is feeling ignored.

We would never, ever suggest that the Tea Party Leadership Fund knows perfectly well that Sarah Palin wouldn't want to spend a whole six years being a Senator (ha-ha, and she would quit after three years anyway!), and that its "draft Palin" project is more a cynical ploy to generate publicity and donations than a real attempt to persuade the snowbilly grifter to run for the U.S. Senate. It would seem childish and bitter to suggest that.


Doktor Zoom

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