Sarah Palin Spent $14,000 Of Other People's Money On Stickers

Hooray, is the Internet pooping out more documents filled with juicy details about Sarah Palin's pointless and yet self-serving political projects? Why yes! Palin's latest SarahPACfilings with the FEC are a Political Topic today, because everyone's favorite grifter quitter queen spent $14,000 just for the goofball decals on her "Road Accident Death Tour of America" bus, which is GEE, A LOT OF MONEY to pimp out the RV for a "family vacation," which is what Sarah Palin told everyone this was, over and over. What else does $14,000 buy these days that would be more fun than a shitload of stickers? A temporary tornado victim shelter? A year or two of vocational school? Two warehouses full of methamphetamines? We do not know, we have never seen this much money at one time.

The WaPo reports on this topic, just for you:

Sarah Palin’s political action committee spent tens of thousands of dollars covering the costs of the former Alaska governor’s "One Nation" East Coast bus tour this spring — a trip that Palin (R) has repeatedly characterized as a “family vacation.”

According to a list of itemized expenditures filed by SarahPAC to the Federal Elections Committee and published Thursday, Palin’s committee spent nearly $14,000 on the “bus wrap” that festooned the family’s tour bus with images of the Liberty Bell, Constitution and American flag. The committee spent $10,000 on “logistical trip consulting,” $3,600 to the bus driver and at least $7,000 on lodging.

But the total for the trip is likely much more, because many bills came in after the June 30 filing deadline, Sarah PAC treasurer Tim Crawford said in an interview. In addition, many other expenses associated with the trip, such as photography, videography, Internet fundraising and airfare, are more difficult to account for. (One item in the report describes $6,999 paid to an air charter company called Republican Presidential Travel on June 9, at the tail end of “One Nation.”)

Haha, Sarah Palin, she is very good at this "grifter" thing, is she not? We would like to figure out how to get someone to give us tens of thousands of dollars to go on a family vacation. [WaPo]


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