Sarah Palin Wearing Star of David, Is a Jew Now Or Something

Sarah Palin Wearing Star of David, Is a Jew Now Or Something

Sarah Palin made one of her usual appearances on the long-running fictional soap operaFox News Channel yesterday, live via satellite from behind the snack bar shack at a golf course. Palin defended her similarly shallow compatriot against the VICIOUS ATTACKS that Trump, like Palin, is not a serious human being. "They're hammering him about the one issue that he has brought up and not been shy about, and that's the birth certificate. He's answering reporters' questions about his view on the birth certificate. And reporters turn that around and say that's all he's got," she said, showing off her expert analysis. And now she's wearing a huge Star of David around her neck? What's the deal with that?

Palin, wearing a Jewish Star of David around her neck on the second night of Passover, did not at any point provide an explicit answer on whether she thinks Trump is right or wrong in doubting the president’s birthplace — and was not asked by an adoring Sean Hannity. But she’s voiced support for his taking up the issue before.

Is Sarah Palin a member of the Tribe now? Or are those ancient Egyptians finally getting back at them with a plague of their own: the snowbilly grifter? [Politico]


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