Sarah Palin Will Continue To Think About Running If You Send Her Money

Sarah Palin Will Continue To Think About Running If You Send Her Money

Man, who knows how to monetize "doing nothing" better than grifter-quitter grandma Sarah Palin? Palin's SarahPACsent out a letter asking for more donations in order to help Sarah in "making her decision of whether or not to run for office," because Sarah Palin is the kind of narcissistic psycho hosebeast who believes she is entitled to a paycheck for the time she spends holding debates with herself in the mirror. Palin has been steadily pushing back her imaginary deadline for announcing a run, originally claiming she was going to make a decision about running by the end of September but then recently saying, eh, November maybe, whatever. Waiting around, who knew it could be so profitable?

Here is an excerpt from this annoying letter, sent out by SarahPAC treasurer Tim Crawford:

As you may know, Gov. Palin is on the verge of making her decision of whether or not to run for office.

It's one of the most difficult and important decisions of her life. And I want her to know that she has our support.

Gov. Palin is a proven leader. She's a common-sense conservative who fights for the rights of Americans like you and me -- not special interests or big corporations.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama's presidency is a disaster. One in five working-age men are out of work. One in seven Americans are on food stamps. Thirty percent of our mortgages are under water. Parts of Michigan and California are suffering from unemployment numbers that are greater than during the depths of the Great Depression.

Someone must save our nation from this road to European Socialism. Do you think it should be Gov. Palin?

If so, can you send your best, one-time gift to SarahPAC today to help her elect more common-sense conservatives - and show her that we support her if she decides to run?

BEG, is what she is saying. BEG HER TO RUN. BEG HER WITH YOUR LAST TWENTY DOLLARS. Then, in a few months, she might think about it, or not.

If her cult of brainless followers who want her to run so desperately had any sense whatsoever, they would make all of their donations conditional on her announcement that she is getting into the race. She'd be in by next week. [Des Moines Register]


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