Sarah Palin's New Grandchild Here Six Months Early

See how time passes these days, faster than you thought it would, faster than the rules of the space-time continuum suggest they could, because Track Palin and his wife of three months, Britta,have a new baby! That is "the miracle of science" that the Palin family tree has discovered and been perfecting in their home meth labs recently, how to churn out a nine-month-old fetus a mere three months after a shotgun wedding. Can everyone even believe it? Maybe, for one second, because breeding is the main cash crop of the extended Palin family. Research and development is the lifeblood of company growth, etc. Oh well, whatever/congratulations!

Everyone knew from the moment this photo came out that this unfortunate new Palin family member was pregnant, because 21-year-old girls in Alaska do not wear jeans to their own weddings. (Jeans are for the third marriage in your mid-forties.) What bizarre name came up on the Scrabble board this time?

Not as weird as we've come to expect by half:

In an exclusive interview with, Britta Hanson's mother Elizabeth expressed her delight over her first grandchild. "Kyla Grace is great.  She’s beautiful,” the proud first-time grandmother said.

“I’m very happy,” she gushed about the new baby.

Her daughter Britta, 21, gave birth to Kyla Grace on Saturday, August 6 just three months after marrying Track Palin, 22, Sarah and Todd Palin's oldest child.

“I love my daughter and my son-in-law very much,” Hanson told about the overjoyed new parents.

We were voting for "Zamboni" but there's always next time. [RadarOnline]


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