Science Fact: Everyone In America Sick And Tired Of Hillary's Damn Benghazi Emails

Thanks, Bern. I'll Snapchat you later

Just in time for Hillary Clinton's center-stage appearance at BenghaziPalooza today, the Monmouth University Poll released a survey indicating that Bernie Sanders was completely right at the first Democratic primary debate: "The American people are sick and tired of hearing about [her] DAMN EMAILS!"

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While few Americans believe she has been honest about her handling of emails while Secretary of State, few believe she was trying to hide something by using a private account. The Monmouth University Poll also found that most Americans believe the special Benghazi Committee, who Clinton will face tomorrow, is more interested in going after the candidate than learning the facts.

You don't say!

As with everything involving Hillary, there are some mixed opinions: A bit under half of those surveyed think Hillary hasn't been completely honest and forthcoming in her explanation of how she handled the emails. We can't imagine why people would possibly get that impression, though it might have something to do with the constant bad reporting about the story, including the New York Times just cold making shit up.

The poll also suggests that even if she was fibbing, what she was fibbing about wasn't of much consequence: 59 percent of respondents said they're tired of hearing about the issue, while fewer than a third think the media should continue going after the email issue.

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And while a whole bunch of us have the House Benghazi hearings on in the background as we try to work today, the poll found that most Americans don't especially trust the committee:

The American public is predisposed to believe that the committee is looking to discredit Clinton. Specifically, a majority (52%) say the committee is more interested in going after Clinton than it is with learning the facts of the matter (32%).

Patrick Murray, the director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute, hinted that even if Bernie Sanders doesn't become president, he probably would make a pretty good pundit:

Bernie Sanders was right. America has heard enough. Hillary Clinton’s testimony [Thursday] can either cement that view or open up a new can of worms. Right now, it looks like the public is more inclined to side with Clinton when she goes up against the House committee ... The bottom line is that, despite Clinton’s apparent failure to come clean, most Americans see the continuing discussion of her emails as mainly partisan politics.

Also, too, the poll found that Hillary's favorable/unfavorable ratings haven't changed much since August, with a slightly higher percentage of those polled viewing her unfavorably (48 percent) than favorably (41 percent). Shocking, given the media's non-stop stories about how her numbers are plummeting, her campaign is practically dead, and oh no, the Democrats better find a hero to swoop in and save them since Clinton obviously can't git r done. Joe Biden? John Kerry? Al Gore? Someone? Anyone?!?!

As we learned on Wednesday, it's not going to be Old Handsome Joe. And as we're listening to Clinton testify at the Benghazi hearings, we have a feeling she's likely to start turning those numbers around.

Was that partisan? Yeah, a little, but sweet baby Jesus in a Chicago Cubs onesie, these Republicans on the committee are pricks.

[Monmouth University Poll]

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