Science Says Lesbian Mommies Are Better Than Good Christian Heterosexual Parents

A typical gay family.

HAHAHA, TAKE THAT, WINGNUTS. It is some new Science for us to throw at you and shove in your face and rub in your hair and whatever else we decide to do with Science. Remember last year, there was a study that found that, at least in the exotic country of "Australia," kids of same-sex parents do AT LEAST as well, and sometimes even better, than kids parented by exactly one vagina-haver and one penis-haver? Well, BAD NEWS FOR WINGNUTS, but there is a new study from the University Of Texas At Austin Population Research Center that says really great things about lesbian mommies in particular, and it's an American study, so you can't be all, "Oh that's only because all the kangaroos eated the good straight parents," or whatever your excuse might be.

Check out this data, IN YOUR FACE:

Female same-sex parents spend 40 percent more time engaged in child-focused activities than do different-sex parents. This finding challenges biases against same-sex parents and demonstrates high levels of investment in children by same-sex couples.

The extra time comes largely because, in female same-sex unions, both mothers typically offer as much child-focused activity as do mothers in different-sex partnerships. Fathers with female partners spend only about half as much time on child-focused activity.

And whose fault is this disparity? BLAME STRAIGHT MEN, of course, because first of all, #WarOnMen, but also just because typically hetero daddies are still, unfortunately, less likely to be quite as engaged in their kiddos' lives (WE KNOW, LOTS OF THEM ARE, SHUT UP, GOOD DADS OF THE WORLD, WE ARE ON YOUR SIDE, TOO).

The study didn't look at gay male parents, but we're going to guess that, strangely enough, they might do better than the heteros on this metric as well, simply by irresponsibly taking information from that Australian study and applying it here like we're some kinda scientist. Simon Crouch, the author of THAT study, said that the homosexicalian parents don't automatically fall into regular-type gender roles:

“So what this means is that people take on roles that are suited to their skill sets rather than falling into those gender stereotypes, which is mum staying home and looking after the kids and dad going out to earn money,” Crouch said.

And gay dads do that too, so they probably spend more quality time with their kids than say, that nitwit lady who runs the One Million Moms, Monica Cole, and her husband. (Of course, SHE is probably too busy trying to hide the ladyboner she gets from seeing Miss Piggy's nipples on the television, or whatever she's ranting about this week, to pay proper attention to her children.)

The point, of course, is that kids do well when they have loving, devoted parents of WHATEVER gender combination, and they do bad when their parents are traditional wingnuts, according to SCIENCE. And also that gays are better.

So again, suck it, in your face, see ya wouldn't wanna be ya, and eat shit, conservatives.


The Gays

[Child & Family Blogvia Yahoo Parenting]




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