Remember when Scott Baio was an asshole? No, theother time. No, the other other time. No, the other -- look, we're gonna be here all day at this rate. Point is, Scott Baio is being an asshole again, like how Scott Baios do.

You may have thought we were done hearing from the Z-list former sitcom star and A-list current dongrocket known as Scott Baio, but alas, here we are again. Earlier this year, the actor -- who sits at that wonderful crossroads of extremely conservative and deeply fucking stupid -- publicly endorsed Donald Trump for President. Earlier this week and for reasons unknown, he decided to take out his deeply embarrassing pathology on an unsuspecting Starbucks barista, tweeting the above image along with this gem:

In case you are unable to tune your brain to Radio Free Dipshit, Baio had ordered his wife (who has a black best friend, so he is not racist) a coffee at Starbucks (a drink he apparently wants us to know he has never personally consumed) and told the barista it was for "Trump." "Ah-HAHAHA!" shouted Scott Baio's inner monologue (or maybe outer monologue, he gets those confused sometimes). "Because Starbucks is such a hippie dippie liberal queerporium that asks the public for gay shit like love and kindness, they won't have the gonadical fortitude to shout the name of the one true Trump!"

True to form, the Starbucks barista in question didn't shout "Trump," presumably because he or she had better shit to do than cater to the insane whims of some rando they think they saw on Nick at Nite one time. Unfortunately, though, Baio has fans (HOW), who took it from there:

Oh good. We're sure service sector employees just looking to get through their damn day with a minimum of hassle, many of whom depend on laughing at your idiot jokes for tips, just LOVE this trend.

If Baio and his Baionauts hate Starbucks so much for their refusal to Make American Grapes Again, we would suggest they maybe just, y'know ... not patronize Starbucks? Ah, what do we know, we're probably just a bunch of lesbian shitasses.



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