Scott Brown just knows that you can't go wrong slagging on Obamacare, because it's unaffordable and doesn't work. This is just a given. And so maybe Brown wasn't quite ready for the reaction he got when he was visiting with New Hampshire state Rep. Herb Richardson, and Brown said that Obamacare was a "monstrosity" that nobody read before passing it, and also executive orders and tyranny and stuff. But instead of nodding and endorsing his (exploratory) Senate bid on the spot, Richardson and his wife Rita explained that the ACA hadactually saved their bacon after he was injured on the job and living on Worker's Comp. The Coos County Democrat reports,

Richardson was injured on the job and was forced to live on his workers' comp payments for an extended period of time, which ultimately cost the couple their house on Williams Street. The couple had to pay $1,100 a month if they wanted to maintain their health insurance coverage under the federal COBRA law.

Richardson said he only received some $2,000 a month in workers' comp. payments, however, leaving little for them to live on.

"Thank God for Obamacare!" his wife exclaimed.

Now, thanks to the subsidy for which they qualify, the Richardsons only pay $136 a month for health insurance that covers them both.

And then Scott Brown apparently replied something along the lines of "Ummmm."

Haha, we are just joking -- Scott Brown actually didn't say anything, according to reporter Edith Tucker, who sat in on the meeting at the Richardsons' mobile home, where they now have to live because they lost their house to foreclosure. But at least they can afford health insurance now.

Richardson, Tucker noted, had gotten hurt on the job and the large costs of his health insurance premium had put him into financial disarray. "He used to live in a 12-room house in Lancaster, but he could not maintain mortgage payments during his bankruptcy proceedings," she explained, "and so he moved to a trailer home, which was where we were."

So it almost sounds as if... had Obamacare been available sooner, they might have kept their home? Happily, the free market prevailed, and the Richardsons learned an important lesson about self-sufficiency.

After not saying anything about the Richardsons' Obamacare heresy, Brown moved on to other topics, and signed a copy of his book for them. Richardson said that if Brown does run for Senate, he will probably endorse the hirsute pickup driver, since he can't support either of the other two announced primary candidates for the seat.

Or maybe he could take another look at his own situation and endorse Jean Shaheen, who actually supports the program that's made it possible for him to pay his bills? We know, too radical a proposition.

[Coos County Democrat (PDF) via HuffPo]

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