Scott Brown Wrote Country Sexxx Song About His Wife, To Play When They Have Country Sexxx

Attention, Wonkette Music Class, former Sen. Scott Brown (R-Daddy) has written a country song for his wife, and it IS NOT BAD! We know, you clicked on this thinking "oh THIS is going to be some shit," but it's, like, a legit country song and everything, and to be honest, it's quite a bit more creative than most of the formulaic stuff coming out of commercial Nashville these days. It is called "Fan The Flame," and these are some of the words:

I'll be the senator from Massachusetts

I'll be the senator from Spain

I'll be the senator from New Hampshire

And darlin' you won't feel no pain (Bqhatevwr!)

I'll be the senator of naked Cosmo spreads

Just like I was from the start

But the only race I ever wanna win

Is senator of your heart!






THE END. No, we are just fucking with you, those are not the words, yr Wonkette wrote those, aren't they good?

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Brown cowrote the song with his daughter Ayla, who is a legit singer, but don't worry, she's not singing the sexxx song to her mother, that would be gross! Some other dude, Tom Whall, is singing the sexxx song to her mother, Scott Brown's wife.

Anyway, we think you will agree, regardless of how much you love the country muzak, that Brown should have spent his life doing things like this (or porn, whatever), and never messed with any of that "Republican politics" stuff.


[Soundcloud viaHuffington Post]
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