Republicans May Chastize Our 'Incivility' Just As Soon As Donald Trump Is Not President.

Until then, they have to shut up.

One of the most common reasons that people supported Trump in the 2016 election, and the reason why many still support him now, was that he promised them an end to political correctness. They were tired, so tired, of people thinking they were jerks just because they didn't want to consider other people's feelings, especially the feelings of those they felt were beneath them. Feelings, after all, were for snowflakes.

Those who wanted this cultural change so desperately were not fighting for any kind of real cause, or any kind of justice for anyone, they just wanted to be free to be jerks without anyone saying, "Hey, don't be a jerk." They wanted, they claimed, a world where people could say and do whatever they wanted and never be held accountable by anyone else -- but they only wanted that for one group of people. Now, what they want from us is "civility."

Over on Politico, National Review editor Rich Lowry wrote a very long and very serious essay about how very disappointed he is with the Left and their lack of "civility" -- most especially the fact that even Hillary Clinton is now saying wacky radical things like "You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about."

Personally, I would go further and say you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to grab you by the pussy. I would say that this is when the Right lost any right whatsoever to ever bring up the word "civility" again.

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Post-Racial America

Supreme Court Tells North Dakota It Can Suppress All The Native Votes It Wants!

Get ready for a lot more of this shit, America.

With fewer than 30 days to go before the midterm elections, the Supreme Court decided yesterday to put a finger on the scales to suppress Democratic votes in North Dakota, allowing the state's voter ID law to go into effect before next month's election. Never mind that the law had been suspended during the primaries, or that early voting is already underway in the state. Now voters will have to show a government-issued photo ID that shows their residential street address, even though many of the state's Native Americans either don't have street addresses at all, or their existing ID cards don't include the street address. Gotta prevent non-existent voter fraud, after all. Or at least keep Democrat Heidi Heitkamp from keeping her seat in an insanely close US Senate race where a few thousand votes could make all the difference.

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Conservatives Want Us To Burn Books SO BADLY, And Honestly It's A Little Weird.

No offense dudes, but that's kind of your thing?

One of the nicer things about being a liberal, I have found, is that I never really have to resort to "slippery slope" arguments -- because the things that conservatives actually do and say and want in the present are all terrible enough. I am never at a loss for material. I never have to fret if they will soon go "too far," because they usually already have. That ship sailed long ago!

Of course, those on the Right do not have that luxury, and so they must hem and haw about what the Left might hypothetically do in the future. Thus, we end up with patently ridiculous rants like today's column by John Kass in the Chicago Tribune, ominously titled "Burning books like 'To Kill a Mockingbird' is the honest next step for the anti-Kavanaugh left."

As demonstrated last week, the Right thinks they are really onto something with these "To Kill A Mockingbird" allusions. What a win! Because liberals love books, and they love "To Kill A Mockingbird" and it just makes sense that if a fictional man can be falsely accused of rape by a stupid woman, then obviously Brett Kavanaugh is innocent and we are being big ol' hypocrites. It is also known that we dislike the idea of burning books -- and so surely, one way to scare some "sense" into us, is to suggest that this is something we are headed towards doing.

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2018 State and Local Elections

Your Lies. Wonkagenda For Wed., Oct. 10, 2018

Trump blames the commies, healthcare is back, and the #BlueWave rises. Your morning news brief!

Morning Wonketariat! Here's some of the things we may be talking about today.

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Post-Racial America

Radio Rwanda Host Tucker Carlson Horrified By Partisan Propaganda On TV

Shocked to see people mindlessly repeating talking points from cable, you bet.

Tucker Carlson is shocked and appalled by the dangerous behavior of politically biased media figures who will stop at nothing to demonize their enemies. He's also shocked and appalled by hypocrisy, which we can only assume means he's misplaced his mirror once again. Last night, he took to the telescreen to whip up his viewers into a frenzy of fear, warning that mobs of mindless liberals who take their marching orders from people on TV are coming to destroy all that is good and holy about America. Then he said Democrats, from activists to US senators, were no different from the Hutus who murdered their Tutsi neighbors in Rwanda. So, a typical Tucker Carlson Monday night.

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Trump Apologizes To Kavanaugh On Behalf Of 'Nation' Just Like Old Man Apologized To Cheney For Getting Shot In the Face

Dignified, presidential Trump generously heals nation's wounds with salt, lemon juice.

Brett Kavanaugh, who already took his official oath of office Saturday after his confirmation by the Senate, was treated to a full redundant "swearing in" ceremony Monday night at the White House, complete with a band, speeches, and a flyover of stealth fighters right there in the East Room (you couldn't see them because they're invisible). In a speech aimed at healing the Republican base 29 days before the election, Donald Trump apologized to Kavanaugh and proclaimed the sexual assault accusations against the new SCOTUS justice officially false, because, as he'd explained earlier in the day, those who accused him were committing a hoax, and were not even human beings.

Here's Trump, with all the sitting members of the Supreme Court, being nonpartisan as fuck and apologizing on behalf of the entire nation which agrees with Trump:

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Tarana Burke And Alyssa Milano Forget To Beat Chuck Todd With A High-Heeled Shoe

(Sorry, the editrix just really hates Chuck Todd.)

Hello Wonks and welcome to a very special Sunday Rundown. Normally we look at the stupid, infuriating and plain wrong things said by people in the political Sunday shows. But today we are going to do things a bit different because **SPOILER ALERT** this week's undisputed winner is Susan Collins, a known asshole.

While Collins did appear on several of the Sunday shows to continue to bask in the attention she sought but clearly never deserved, we are not going to give her any more. At least today.

Instead, we're going to cover Tarana Burke, the civil rights activist who founded the #MeToo movement, along with actor and activist Alyssa Milano on "Meet The Press."

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My Mother Is Screaming

And she wants Susan Collins to know why.

My mother is calling me on the phone from Oklahoma. She is screaming, and crying. She's sobbing. She needs me to be her mother right now, because her mother never was.

Adolph (yes, his real name) married my grandmother when my mom was 10, after her first dad died of chicken pox. Adolph's ex-wife had told my grandma Adolph attacked little girls. My grandmother married him anyway. I have always known this; my mother never kept it secret. But she needs to say it out loud, again. My mother, who is 75 years old, is wailing for someone to protect her.

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America Ready To Shower Susan Collins' Challenger With Millions Of Dollars!

$3 million has been raised so far.

Susan Collins had a chance to be a hero this week. She had a chance to save millions of Americans from having to look up at the Supreme Court and see the face of an entitled, ragey, credibly accused sexual assailant and from feeling like they've been told to "fuck off" every time they do. She had a chance to save our reproductive rights, our health care, and our country. She had a chance to do a lot of things.

Instead, she got up in front of the Senate yesterday and spent 45 minutes explaining why she wasn't going to be a hero, why she was going to go along with her party and vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. If you haven't listened to it, you can click on this link right here and do so, but unless you have a lot of free time and an extremely high tolerance for bullshit, I wouldn't bother.

Now, clearly -- Collins did this because she thinks it's the best political move for her. She sacrificed her reputation as "the reasonable one" and the lives and well-being of a pretty huge portion of this country, as well as our trust in the Supreme Court, because she thought it would help her.

But it may not turn out that way, and let's hope it doesn't. As you may know, a few weeks ago some Mainers started raising money for whoever ends up being Collins' opponent in 2020, should she refuse to vote against Kavanaugh's confirmation.

Via CrowdPac:

Maine People's Alliance and Mainers for Accountable Leadership are joining dying father, Ady Barkan, to beg Senator Collins to vote "no" on Trump's Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

In the next 2 weeks, right after Labor Day - the Senate will hold a confirmation vote that will define the Supreme Court's ideology for decades. It will be one of the most pivotal votes of Susan Collin's career.
"We, the People of Maine are joining Ady Barkan and thousands of others to demand that Senator Collins votes "no" on Trump's Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh" - Marie Follayttar, Co-Director of MFAL said, "We're excited to once again join with Ady to promote and amplify Maine voices."
There are two scenarios:
1. Senator Collins votes NO on Kavanaugh and you will not be charged, and no money will go to fund her future opponent.
2. Senator Collins votes YES on Kavanaugh and your pledge will go to her opponent's campaign, once that opponent has been identified.

Yesterday they were up to two million dollars. Today, they are up to three -- and counting. That is a lot of money in a short period of time! There are already a few people -- including former Obama administration National Security Advisor Susan Rice and Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon -- considering tossing their hats in the ring.

Yes, Susan Collins, you have made things suck for us. But we're gonna make them suck for you now, too. Hope you liked being a Senator, because you've got about a year left of that.

The one thing I will say is that I hope that those in charge of the money are also willing to give it to a left-leaning, Independent, Angus King-type candidate if that candidate has a better chance of beating Collins than the Democratic candidate does, which -- given that it is Maine we are talking about here -- could very well be the case. They are very into that there.


You should definitely give some money to Susan Collins' challenger, BUT -- if you've got some left over, please donate to Wonkette also!

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Post-Racial America

Good Christian Republicans Know That Old Holocaust Survivor Is Pulling Our Strings!

George Soros. It's always George Soros with them.

When you're up against a movement of angry people fighting for their rights, blame THE JOOZ. That is, blame an 88-year-old Holocaust survivor who has given $18 billion to liberal philanthropic organizations. See, it's not that Americans truly hate the Supreme Court nominee backed by the Koch brothers and whichever vulture capitalist funds Judicial Crisis Network. American women aren't really traumatized by reliving their sexual assaults and watching the personification of rich, white asshole entitlement confirmed to the highest court in the land. We're not actually freaking the fuck out at the potential loss of control over our own bodies. We're just pawns of George Soros, an elderly Jewish man, who has manipulated or paid us to go hang out in the Senate hallways and recount our most painful memories to elected officials. That train is never late!

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Post-Racial America

What Is The Difference Conservatives See Between 'Thugs' And 'Frat Boys'?

Oooh, what a brain twister.

"Thug" has emerged in the past decade or so as a plausibly deniable conservative replacement for "nigger." It conveys all the racial animus of the (yes, it's still) verboten epithet but is also shorter and more adaptable ("thuggish" and "thuggery"). If "thug" has a white counterpart, it's probably not "honky" but "frat boy," and during Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings, Republicans have succeeded in spinning criticism of Kavanaugh's "frat boy" past as an attack on white youth and white people in general.

When Senator John Cornyn ludicrously compared Kavanaugh to Tom Robinson (no relation) from "To Kill a Mockingbird," he implied that both the fictional character and the testifier of fiction were "unpopular [men] who many people presumed was guilty of a heinous crime because of [their] race, and [their] race alone." Kavanaugh is now the second Republican Supreme Court nominee who's the victim of a liberal-led "high-tech lynching." Apparently, "frat boy" and "entitled white man" are now protected classes, and once Kavanaugh's actually on the Court, this could literally happen.

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Kavanaugh Hearings Got David Brooks All David Brooksed Up!

Tsk, tsk. Women uncivil about being raped, and accused rapists uncivil about not getting their due. What a world.

David Brooks, the very personification of fussy "moderate" conservatism, took a few weeks off from writing his stupid column to do a book tour, and when he got back he was quite appalled and disgusted to see how America behaved without him to remind us to be civil to each other. So he got right back to work, found a fence to straddle, and churned out Another Goddamned David Brooks Column. It's a classic of the genre. Brooks takes BOTH SIDES to task for the national disgrace of the Kavanaugh hearings, a disgraceful spectacle, nationally. Those would be the hearings in which a woman calmly offered her testimony alleging that Kavanaugh had tried to rape her when they were both in high school, and a man yelled, cried, accused Democrats of persecuting him, threatened retribution for that persecution, and pointedly mostly refused to answer any questions put to him. When there were questions, anyway; Republicans simply wailed about how horrible the whole thing was and then apologized. To Kavanaugh.

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Capitol Overwhelmed By Massive Turnout Of Six Pro-Kavanaugh Marchers

There would have been more, but they were kidnapped by Antifa and illegal aliens probably.

Donald Trump has been impressed by all the millions of people turning out for his rallies, because they are all wildly excited about the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. And also about the chance they might get to participate in the first ritual disembowelment of a journalist. (It's only a matter of time.) But when it comes to self-organizing, it appears the pro-Kavanaugh Right is still working on logistics, because whoever organized a rally to support the nomination only managed to get six people to show up, according to a thrilling account on Twitter by ABC News Capitol Hill reporter/producer Ben Siegel. Who knows, maybe there were more gathered somewhere else -- and as the Tea Party types always insisted when crowd size was less than intended, the people who support Kavanaugh all have jobs, you bums.

Still, what they lacked in numbers, they certainly also lacked in originality! As senators arrived, the stalwart six shouted "We want Kavanaugh!" Then, when Jeff Flake arrived, they shouted "Flake the Snake!" which is clever, because it rhymes. They could have just gone for "Jeff Flake is a Flake," but they went the extra mile.

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Michael Moore Needs To LEARN A MATH, PIGFUCK.

Wonkette has about fucking HAD IT.

Michael Moore, who used to make some pretty good movies, has some thoughts on Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court. Those thoughts are stupid, and in fact, enraging, and would you have guessed those thoughts are that "Democrats are to blame"?

Some of us have been doing more in our "FIGHT" than starting film festivals and then trumping off the vendors. I, in fact, have been knocking on doors in Polson, Montana, asking old white Republican men to vote for Jon Tester (and Kathleen Williams!). Do you know what those old white men told me (very nicely!)? That the Democrats pushing against Kavanaugh were "a disgrace" -- and I'm talking about before the sex assault stuff came out, back when they were just filibustering all over Chuck Grassley's face. Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Mazie Hirono, et al., were waging an UNPRECEDENTED WAR on the nominee back when all we knew about him was that he loves carpooling and also telling reporters Hillary Clinton fucked Vince Foster to death, in her usual lesbian way.

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Yes, Ben Sasse, Kavanaugh Vote IS A Referendum On What You Think About Women.

It is not political, it's personal.

Last night, Ben Sasse got up in front of the Senate and gave a very heartfelt speech that was simultaneously about how very bad he feels for women who have been sexually assaulted and also how very unfair it would be of anyone to suggest that voting for a man credibly accused of sexual assault by a number of women is some kind of "proxy" for how seriously Republicans care about women and victims of sexual assault.

Here is his full speech, I recommend watching it with some soft things around you that you can throw without damaging. A tissue box worked well for me.

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