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Constitutional Originalist Marsha Blackburn Still Insists On Voting, Owning Property

She’s still not the sharpest knife in a drawer filled with dull knives.

The race for the title of Senate's dumbest Republican continues. Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson remains undefeated, but Tennessee's Marsha Blackburn is young, scrappy, and hungry.Wednesday, during Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court Spa Week, Blackburn, who's on the Judiciary Committee because it's not like there's a test or anything, tweeted the following:


Hey, she's right! Blackburn probably had her staff comb through the pocket Constitutions she gives everyone as Christmas stocking stuffers. Or at the very least she just ran a quick edit > find on Google.

Of course, the word “AR-15" also doesn't appear in the Constitution. I checked! Our originalist gun nut senator would never support restricting legal gun ownership to the weapons available in the 18th Century. The gun lobby wouldn't make much bank pushing the sale of ye olde muskets. There'd also be significantly fewer school shootings, but you can't have everything.

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If Justice Roberts Kills The Census, He Should Get Some New Coworkers


Okay, let's have that conversation about court packing. We'd been hoping to pull a Biden and punt for another three weeks [Liz means Liz specifically, the rest of us had been QUITE HAPPY TO YELL ABOUT IT — ed], but Chief Justice John Roberts has forced our hand by putting his dirty thumb on the scales to thwart majority rule. Again.

Yesterday the Supreme Court overruled lower courts and put an end to the Census count, despite mountains of evidence that COVID-19 has prevented collecting anything close to an accurate tabulation. Originally, the Commerce Department asked Congress to delay the final tabulation to allow it to finish the job. But then it reversed course when it became clear that there's likely to be a President Biden in January, dashing its hopes of certifying a count that excludes non-citizens for the purposes of congressional apportionment. This would result in whiter, older, more Republican districts being overcounted for the purpose of allocating voting clout and congressional dollars. And that is not a coincidence!

In plain English, they're racing to finish so Trump can cook the books before he gets fired. And the Supreme Court is going to let them do it. Then when President Biden tries to fix the problem, Chief Justice John Roberts and his henchmen will barf out some gobbledygook to prevent it, despite the Constitution's clear dictate that the Census count all "persons" within the country, regardless of citizenship.

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How Can Amy Coney Barrett F*ck It Up Today? Liveblogging Day Three!

Yes, we have to do this again.

What can we say about the first day of the Amy Coney Barrett hearings?


She can't answer any of your questions, because that would be improper, even when the question is "Should there be a peaceful transfer of power?" Will she recuse herself from any election-related cases, since she's only being fast-tracked to help steal Donald Trump the election? She can't say. Will she kill Obamacare and hurt millions of people? She's not telling. Will she fuck over people who have a "sexual preference" that is LGBT, because that is literally what she said? She can't say.

She can't say what she really thinks about Roe, even though we all know what she thinks about Roe. (It's just a precedent, but not a SUPER DUPER precedent, which would mean she'd have to respect it.) Is abortion a constitutional right? Well, these cases say it is, not that Amy Comet Ping-Ping is endorsing these cases. She's an originalist, except for when "original" doesn't comport with her personal bigoted feelings.

And so forth. She's a real asshat. Read yesterday's liveblog to catch up!

Today the senators will each have another 20 minutes to ask questions. And we're liveblogging it again! But as a treat afterward, we are VOTING AGAINST THESE FUCKERS TODAY.

Have you made your voting plan? Make your voting plan while you watch this garbage, which should give you more motivation to make your voting plan, to get rid of all the fuckers who made this happen.

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How Many People Will Senate GOP Infect With COVID-19 To Confirm Amy Coney Barrett?

Shameless display is shameless.

Amy Coney Barrett's sham confirmation hearing kicked off Monday (join Evan's liveblog here!), and Senate Republicans valiantly pretended to care about the health and safety of others during a pandemic.

The nominee herself, Ms. Say Goodbye To Your Healthcare from the great state of Gilead, wore a mask to the hearings, a stark change from her superspreader garden party at the White House. Wearing masks was optional but leaving with COVID-19 wasn't. She's learned so much after the needless infection of others! Let's hurry up and put her on the Supreme Court!

Utah Senator Mike Lee was one of many guests at the Red Death ball who later tested positive for the coronavirus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is very clear about what people should do if they have the 'rona: Keep their asses home and only leave the house for medical care.

But Lee is a very busy and important man who Mitch McConnell needs to help ram through a new Supreme Court justice on a party-line vote. Don't worry, though, Lee showed up in person for the hearing wearing a flimsy surgical mask that barely covered his face. He was within six feet of Lindsey Graham, who refused to get tested at all despite repeated exposure to people with the virus, and Chuck Grassley, who is 1,000 years old.

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