Stupider things have happened. Like his reelection.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage has apparently not been paying attention to all the mail requesting that he resign, but he does at least have some thoughts about leaving office eventually. Like maybe he'll run for the U.S. Senate in 2018 against mustache model and independent Sen. Angus King, a thought that LePage had floated before, only to proclaim that he was joking. But maybe this time he's serious. Or MAYBE HE'S "JOKING" AGAIN, you simply cannot tell with Paul LePage, who is a Jedi with an unknowable mind. Or undetectable, maybe that's it. In any case, it's good to see he's given some thought to what he'll do after he's impeached.

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In an interview with Boston radio talker Howie Carr, LePage said that maybe he'll run for the Senate, because god knows Maine's reputation hasn't suffered enough:

“I am thinking about it very strongly, ” the Republican said in response to Carr’s question about a U.S. Senate run. “I think we need leadership in Washington. Yeah, I might do that.”

Or maybe he'll be an astronaut. He might do that, too. He'd be a great senator, except maybe when he tries to veto stuff.

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Yr Wonkette's interest was piqued by this nugget of information:

During Tuesday’s taping, LePage donned a hat bearing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again.” He also referred to himself as “Baby Donald.”

Oh, Paul. How could you? And after Chris Christie came to Maine to kiss your ring, even.

But don't worry, all is well! Christie can still count on the critical LePage Bump:

When a photo circulated on Twitter, unleashing a flurry of concern that LePage had abandoned his support of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who was a key supporter of LePage’s second gubernatorial run, the talk show host tweeted: “Just a little fun with a good hat” and a confirmation that LePage is still a Christie guy.

LePage did at least share some advice for Trump, explaining that he ought to stop beefing with Megyn Kelly, because, Lepage said, one of his advisers had told him that Twitter was a machine of the Devil: "You can only get into trouble with a Twitter account,” LePage told Carr. Sound advice! Donald Trump, delete your Twitter account!

"You’ve got to let this stuff go and move on," LePage said. "Move on to the issues."

Yes. Donald Trump really needs to start focusing on the issues, because that's where his strengths are. For instance, Mexicans bad! Also, Mexico bad! And China bad!

Having run through all of Trump's issues, we now see why maybe he finds himself with time to drift off into personal pissing matches with people on Twitter.

Carr appears not to have actually asked Gov. LePage what kind of response he's been getting to his challenge to Maine voters to tell him to resign if they really want him out, which we can only assume means that LePage has received only two or three messages of support, at least one of which was filled with ironic quotation marks.

[Portland Press-Herald]

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