Education Secretary Betsy DeVos's little sicko mercenary brother Erik Prince is out there failing to shut his baby face hole again. But this time he's not saying, "Oh please, Donald Trump, pay me billions of dollars and let me do the Afghanistan war all by myself, so I can do Blackwater-style war crimes without any repercussions, as I am an unwell human." Instead, he's commenting on why we've tragically lost sailors in two major ship collisions in two months. (It's actually four this year. That is a LOT!) The reason this is happening, according to Prince, is because all the sailors are distracted by the gays and the transgenders the liberals are currently cramming down their throat:


There’s only so many hours in a day. And when you fill those soldiers’ hours with a lot of non-combat, non-maritime-focused, politically correct social-engineering training, you’re taking away from their core mission, which is maritime power — maritime sea power projection. That guilt runs all the way from the chiefs running the enlisted men, to the officers of the boat, up to the senior commanders in the Navy distracting the men — the men and women — from doing the jobs that they’re supposed to be doing on those ships.

Yes that's right, you fucking scumbag who ISN'T EVEN CURRENTLY IN THE MILITARY, sailors are so busy having their Gay Lessons that they've completely canceled their Don't Crash The Boat classes. They're too busy writing "I will not exert my cis het privilege" on the Navy blackboards 1,000 times in a row, as punishment for exerting their cis het privilege, that they didn't even notice they were about to collide with another ship. THANKS, LIBERAL SOCIAL ENGINEERS!

Maybe if the GAYS weren't looking at all the BUTTS, they would have seen the BOATS.

Maybe if the NAVY wasn't removing all the sailors' EYES and SELLING THEM to pay for TRANSGENDER SURGERIES, they would have seen this coming.

Jesus Christ, what a piece of shit Erik Prince is. What a delightful way to not only insult the military, by saying they're obviously too incompetent to do their jobs if there are LGBT people around, but also advance your perverse, bigoted crusade against LGBT folks. Guess in Erik Prince's eyes the American military is just way more pussy than the Israeli military, which is doing just fine with gay and trans servicemembers, please and fuck you.

As far as why these awful crashes actually happened, we're not sure yet. Some have raised the possibility that somebody hostile (ahem, the Russians) might be spoofing GPS signals, but experts say there's no evidence of that, though it wouldn't be unprecedented. It's important to remember that these collisions have happened in the busiest shipping lanes in the world, and one Navy expert we spoke to (our brother! who used to be on a destroyer going through these very areas!) noted that there are "several failover measures to prevent this kind of thing, not the least of which being fucking eyes." Or as Popular Mechanics puts it:

There are enough nearby islands that a meaningful deviation from what ships crews were seeing with their own eyes would have been glaringly obvious. Furthermore, the conspiracy ignores the fact that GPS is not the only means U.S. Navy ships use for navigation. Watchstanders on the McCain should have been posted to keep an eye out for unexpected obstacles, ships not broadcasting an AIS transponder signal, and other potential hazards.

Factors that do keep coming up (here, here, and here -- all those links are worth clicking on, by the way) are readiness, exhaustion, and the simple facts of Pacific deployments, which involve longer hours and much less sleep. Another former sailor weighs in:

Deployment times are up, sleep is down. As the fleet size decreases (we had 6,000 ships in WWII, we now have just under 300), the number of missions have only increased. What that means is that we are doing more with less. We have created multi-mission platforms ... and we have required those ships to be deployed more. This is especially true in 7th Fleet, where both of these ships are. These ships are underway constantly. Every time Kim Jong Un decides to throw a temper tantrum, these ships get underway. Every time the Chinese decide to build on a new island, these ships get underway. When underway, sailors get very little sleep. There are watches to be stood 24 hours a day, drills to be run, qualifications to get and missions to accomplish. People get tired, and when they do, they make mistakes.

While there may not be definitive answers yet, what all normal people discussing it have in common is that none of them are blaming "social engineering" for the crashes, even the ones who are citing readiness problems. The only asshole making that argument seems to be this little Aryan crusader, who has been an unofficial Trump adviser for a VERY long time, and he's very conveniently saying it at a time when the Bigot-In-Chief just so happens to be trying to push through a useless, unwanted ban on trans folks serving.

Did we mention how Prince's name keeps coming up in the Trump-Russia investigation, because of weird backroom meetings he had with the Trump team, and the weird meeting he attended in the Seychelles for the purpose of setting up a back channel between Trump and Russia? Just a reminder.

It'll be fascinating to learn just how compromised he is in that investigation, and what he's really getting out of the deal.

For today, suffice it to say he should go fuck himself.

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[Shareblue / Popular Mechanics]

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