Sean Hannity & Mark Levin Share A Good Laugh About Genitalia-Americans -- You know, 'Women'

Sean Hannity & Mark Levin Share A Good Laugh About Genitalia-Americans -- You know, 'Women'

Sometimes people claim that conservatives don't know what's funny, but Sean Hannity knows what's funny, like calling women "genitalia." In an interview with frothing radio rodent Mark Levin, who defended the honor of ladies everywhere bytelling Martin Bashir not to feed Sarah Palin a dookie, Hannity got some world-class giggles when Levin made a joke about the pointlessness of Republican outreach to "ethnic groups" and "genitalia." To win, Levin said, the R's need to return to their natural constituency of "Reagan Democrats, blue-collar Democrats" and to

"stop chasing ethnic groups, stop chasing genitalia. Talk to the American people. Talk about liberty, opportunity. Explain to them that Obama’s wrong, and that we need to unleash the American people and unleash the economy."

By golly, if only Mitt Romney had tried to reach out more to white males, 2012 would have been in the bag, all right! Who needs the Genitalia when all the dicks are already in your electoral pocket, right?

Hannity didn't have a problem with abandoning the useless genitalia, but he did at least seem vaguely aware that some viewers (dumb broads) might not get the joke, explaining, "You might be making news with that ‘genitalia’ remark, but those that don’t know you don’t know your sense of humor.”

Predictably, the Sadface Sallies at Media Matters and Salon went and made a big deal about it. Probably that time of the month, if you know what we mean (and we mean any time of the month that you hear Sean Hannity running his pissflaps).

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