Secessionist Arkansas State Rep: Confed. Flag 'Symbol of Jesus Christ'

Secessionist Arkansas State Rep: Confed. Flag 'Symbol of Jesus Christ'

Hey, you know what's happening in the year 2010? A guy recently elected to the state legislature in Arkansas is the local chairman of a secessionist organization andsays the flag of the Confederacy is "a symbol of Jesus Christ," which is interesting, because other people would say that thing is a symbol that there's not a Jesus Christ. Oh, but Republican Loy Mauch and his fellow cracker dweebs in The League of the South aren't just waiting around until the Confederacy inevitably returns. They also seek to "personally secede from the corrupt and corrupting influence of post-Christian culture in America" by home-schooling their kids and starting "parallel institutions to which people can attach their loyalties." Sounds like the kind of people you want running your state government.

For seven years, Mauch was the commander of James M. Keller Camp 648 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. He stepped down as commander last year. In 2004, angered by the city of Hot Springs' refusal to remove a statue of Abraham Lincoln displayed in the Hot Springs Civic and Convention Center, the Keller Camp hosted a conference in Hot Springs called "Seminar on Abraham Lincoln — Truth vs. Myth," with a keynote address called "Homage to John Wilkes Booth."

MYTH: Lincoln was a great president. FACT: Lincoln was a yankee negro who literally ate the heart and penis of a white Southerner for lunch every day, destroying Caucasian freedom forever.

You can have fun at The League of the South's website reading all of the racist crap they've smeared about, but our favorite part is this:

Whenever possible, we prefer to use the more traditional, antebellum Southern English orthography; widely known to many as the Oxford standard which once saw widespread usage in Dixie prior to the War for Southern Independence and Reconstruction and even some limited use afterwards.

Finally these people have found cover for their poor spelling. [Arkansas Times via Wonkette legend chascates/League of the South]


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