Semi-Hot Bigot Twins Pretty Sure They Are Storming The Beaches Of Normandy Since Their TV Show Got Canceled

Semi-Hot Bigot Twins Pretty Sure They Are Storming The Beaches Of Normandy Since Their TV Show Got Canceled

It has been over a month since we wrote about those sorta hot in a Nazi youth sorta way bigot twins, the Benham brothers, that lost their HGTV house-flipping show because of how they were super bigots. Since the cancellation, they've gone full metal derp, claiming that Satan is the reason their show got canceled and just generally behaving like a living breathing walking talking WND column. By this point, they seem almost congenitally unable to suppress their hyperbole. We're going to run out of ways to talk about them soon because we won't be able to out-ridiculous them, and doing that is pretty much our whole schtick. The latest? Losing your minor-league basic cable home improvement show is just like D-Day. Oh, and Braveheart also too.

“We just remember June the 6th, 1944,” said Jason Benham at the Road to Majority conference. “We know what happened at D-Day. We know what happened on Omaha and Utah beach. There’s something about those men that our dad taught us when we were kids, and he said, ‘Boys, don’t you ever run from bullets. You run toward the bullets.’” [...]

“There are cultural bullets flying, all over today, especially religious liberty, and what’s happening right now is many spiritual leaders, elected leaders, they are running from bullets,” Jason Benham said. “But there’s a remnant of people that are ready to stand and say ‘I’m not running from these bullets any more. I’m going to take this beach.

Let us be the first, but by no means the last, to say LOLWHUT?? Is this real life? This man got up in front of an audience of real live humans, an audience event which was recorded for posterity, and explained that his bullshit little kulturekampf culture war is the same as an actual factual war where brave people got killed. You let us know when one of your kind is actually taken down for his or her beliefs, big shooter.

If you don't like real-world war comparisons, bigot twin the first will also compare their trials and tribulations to a movie for your convenience.

“Just like in the movie Braveheart, when all the Scottish Army was standing there, and they all had their gear on, and they were lined up and they were unified, and they were ready to fight but not a single one of them wanted to fight,” Jason Benham said. “And then as William Wallace and a few men rode in on horses with blue face paint on. They were ready to pick a fight, and what I see before me right now are a bunch of people with some blue face paint on -- so let’s go get it.”

Oh god. Can you just imagine all those doughy soft-bodied and soft-minded right wingers being roused to trembling excitement by those stirring words? They were all imagining they were participating in an act of sublime, deeply meaningful terror when really they were just heading to their hotel room to pack up and catch the next plane back to Alabama.

You just know each and every last one of those audience members went and painted their faces blue.

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