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Almost exactly one month ago, Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst was trying to do a nice event with veterans, when icky constituents (ugh!) showed up and yelled at her to "DO YOUR JOB!" and said very unkind things about how they might illegally deny her another term in the Senate, by voting her out. She ran away so fast! You could hear her bread bag shoes clop-swish-clop-swishing all the way down the road, followed by a sudden porcine shriek, because well, she done cut a pig's nuts off, for to make her feel better, allegedly. Well, it happened again! Except this time, Ernst was doing a bona fide town hall on Friday night, and oh boy, it looks like everybody except Senator Ernst had a lot of fun!

It got really good when somebody asked a question about that idiot Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, the billionaire Jesus lady who only got her appointment, we surmise, because her family has done such nice financial things for Donald Trump and the GOP.

Here is a video:

And here is a transcript!

CONSTITUENT: I am an educator and I was appalled at the nomination of Betsy DeVos for secretary of Education.


CONSTITUENT: I know that several thousand other Iowans also felt the same way ... and voiced that through phone calls and emails. So my question to you is why did you not listen to your constituents about [inaudible because crowd says YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! again]?

ERNST: Ms. DeVos was carefully vetted.


ERNST: She supports all types of education and I support all types of education.


Ernst said a bunch of horseshit about how she went to public school and she likes public school a whole lot, but "school choice" and "yadda yadda," and the crowd just kept yelling at her, because they are obviously mean liberals who are mean.

Of course, Betsy DeVos is an absolute shitshow who knows nothing about education, as we saw in her confirmation hearing. Her history of advocacy for bullshit "school choice" programs to divert money away from public schools and into religious private schools is well known. Oh, and she apparently thinks segregation was pretty neat, because it gave The Blacks a chance to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and make some really nice colleges of their own. Betsy DeVos is the worst.

The Washington Post reports that Joni Ernst's town hall was also bad (for her) because her constituents laughed at her when she said climate change is totally normal, but that it got good for a minute when she actually agreed that Donald Trump should release all his taxes. We're sure Ernst will be right at the forefront of pushing the "president" to do just that, you betcha.

In other fun town hall news, the WaPo also reports that over there in Kentucky, Senators Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell, as well as Rep. Garland "Andy" Barr, were invited to a very nice town hall meeting in Lexington, so people could yell at their faces and call them a fake eye doctor, a turtle-headed dildo-munch and a fuckhead to each of their faces, respectively, but they were total pussies and didn't show up. In response, the constituents put three mannequins wearing suits on the stage, rebranded it the "Empty Suits" town hall, and it was just like all three elected Republicans were really there in the flesh, because that's how useless they are as elected officials.

Tres Watson of the Kentucky Republican Party saw it differently:

“These are purely partisan individuals who are clearly bitter about election losses,” he said. “They’re representing fringe minority opinions of policy issues.”

Oh, keep talking like that, champ. It's going to make 2018 even more F-U-N.

The moral of this story is that poor, put upon elected Republicans are being treated unfairly, just because they all suck at doing their jobs. We bet the only reason all these mean people are yelling at Republicans is because George Soros paid them all a million dollars, just like he did when all those people violated the safe space of sweet, delicate, Adonis-like Rep. Jason Chaffetz.

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