Senate Apparently Super Cool With Military Never Prosecuting Sexual Assaults

Senate Apparently Super Cool With Military Never Prosecuting Sexual Assaults

Earlier today we talked at you about how the military just can't stop getting all rapey with women, so that even when they hire a military person to be the top prosecutor of people that rapecrime women, even that dude turns out to be Gropey McAssaulter. (Hahahaha, "news.") So perhaps it is maybe time to take away the whole dealing-with-rape thing from the military and give it to civilians since apparently there is no one in the military who is tasked to deal with sexual assault and who does not also love him some sexual assaulting. Funny you should say so, because Senator Kirsten Gillibrand proposed just that and of course it did not pass because right now the Senate is the worst, even the Democrats.

After heated debate on the floor, the Senate voted to block Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's Military Justice Improvement Act, which would take major crimes like sexual assault outside the military chain of command for judicial review. Gillibrand needed 60 votes for cloture to get a final vote on the matter, but she only came up with 55.

Gahhhhhhh. So the responsibility for prosecuting sexual assault in the military stays with people who don't bring charges AND also too sexually assault women. Cool story. Thanks, Democrat Claire McCaskill for giving us a watered-down piece of nonsense instead.

The Senate passed Sen. Claire McCaskill's military sexual assault bill, which keeps the chain of command in place, but provides extra protections for victims. [...]

McCaskill and the Armed Services Committee have fought [Gillibrand] on taking sexual assault cases outside the chain of command, insisting that you can't remove commanders' responsibility in these cases.

Claire McCaskill shame on you. You are a lady and a Democrat and you know full well that this shit HAS TO be out of the hands of the military so that stuff actually gets prosecuted. Also, Claire McCaskill, you're now on the same side of this issue as America's least popular Senator, John McCain, who totally trusts the military commanders to handle this, probably because they have done such a stunning job thus far.

Listen people, this isn't hard. The military won't fall apart or become emasculated or stop defending America just because you let a non-rapey lawyer prosecute sexual assault cases. The armed services have already withstood the onslaught of the gays, so this is no big deal. Put on your big boy pants and let some actual factual outside lawyers sort your shit out.

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