Senate GOP Screwing Lady Veterans Out Of Having Babies, Because Planned Parenthood

Oooooh, Senate Republicans are SO mad! Turns out there is a thing called Planned Parenthood, it does healthcare to ladies, including abortion healthcare, and absolutely nothing -- NOTHING! -- is more important than putting a stop to that right now. Not even our veterans, who are all heroes, every single one of them, but most especially Sen. John McCain, even if he is a RINO. And definitely not our lady veterans, who want to have babies. Sorry ladies, you'll just have to wait until the GOP saves all the babies first.

So what are Senate Republicans doing now to show us they hate Planned Parenthood even more than they love our veterans? Oh, just trying to kill a bill that would have provided funding and assistance to our lady vets who want to have and adopt babies. Babies are good, right? We love babies? They are the whole reason Republicans hate Planned Parenthood, because of the babies? Yeah, uh huh.

North Carolina Republican Sen. Thom Tillis figured if the Veterans Administration was going to help lady vets do baby-making, well, that was the perfect opportunity to defund Planned Parenthood too. Or, as he put it:

One of the amendments, Tillis said, would bar the VA from working with organizations that "take aborted babies' organs and sell them."

That is not something Planned Parenthood actually does, but Republicans heard about this video, see, that says so, so they reckon that's ipso facto proof right there. Not that Republicans who saw the video a month before it was released to the public were all that concerned, but they are now, they are SO MAD, they are going to hold their breaths until they turn gay and no more Planned Parenthood! That's why they're all demanding investigations into Planned Parenthood, plus its immediate defunding, which seems kind of odd, because shouldn't they wait for the results of the investigations before determining Planned Parenthood should be defunded? What if the investigations prove Planned Parenthood did nothing wrong? Why, it's almost as if they don't even care what the facts are, they just want to defund it for performing perfectly legal medical services. Weird, right?

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Sen. Rand Paul has also suggested government cease all activities until we get rid of that pesky women's healthcare provider. Last week he said he will block a transportation funding bill until the government defunds Planned Parenthood, and calls it a big dumb meanie too.

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In response to Tillis's dumb amendments to punish Planned Parenthood for existing, the bill's author, Democratic Sen. Patty Murray, has pulled the bill entirely. So now our lady veterans who want to have babies and need a little help with that won't be able to, because Republicans are so busy saving the babies. Sure, makes perfect sense.



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