Senate's Dumbest Republican Down For Some Hot Horse Deworming Action!

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Senate's Dumbest Republican Down For Some Hot Horse Deworming Action!

You know, we were going to make a joke about Ivermectin, the Republican quack science horse dewormer miracle COVID cure of the week, and call it something like "Cow Viagra." We thought that'd be pretty funny. "Senate's Dumbest Republican Will Have The Cow Viagra, Please."

But then we remembered how that'd be offensive to Viagra, the dick medicine white Republican men use so much all the time, they eat it like CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP, and then they say "Hop on, sexual partner, this thing is on a timer!" And why would that be offensive to Viagra? Because Viagra is made by Pfizer, which also makes the fucking vaccine white Republican shitheads won't protect themselves with. (Does Ron Johnson ever use Viagra? Dunno! Is he still unvaccinated? Probably! IS HE DEWORMED? Oh we hope so!)

Anyway, Henry Redman at the Wisconsin Examiner reports that Johnson is just coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs for horse dewormer. Apparently he's been on podcasts and rightwing radio in Wisconsin talking about his beloved horse dewormer. Redman reports that first of all, Johnson is mad that the FDA fully authorized the Pfizer vaccine. And he's doubling down, even after the FDA reminded everybody that they are not horses and cows and should therefore not eat horse and cow dewormer.

Johnson, rather than taking the FDA's warning as a sign that experts don't believe Ivermectin is an effective treatment for COVID, told [Washington Times opinion editor Cheryl] Chumley he was being persecuted by the FDA.

"They're doing far more than dismissing me, they're attacking me," he said on her podcast, Bold and Blunt. "I don't care what drug will work. Try a bunch of them."

Neat, love it when senators say just try a whole bunch of drugs to see what happens. That's definitely how doctors approach stuff like this.

Anyway, he is being persecuted and:

"You just mentioned that they put out an advisory that Ivermectin is dangerous," he said on [wingnut Wisconsin radio host Vicki] McKenna's show. "Over 31 years, Vicki, over 31 years on the VAERS system, 379 deaths for Ivermectin. 379. That's like 15 a year. Compared to 13,000 for [COVID-19 vaccines]. So they're putting out a warning on Ivermectin, you know, just way too dangerous. But let's fully approve of the vaccine."

These motherfuckers are going to lie about the VAERS system forever. We're not debunking it again, because we already did that. But suffice to say all those reports of vaccine deaths on VAERS were made by idiots, rightwing/QAnon/anti-vaxxer trolls, or both.

Also there probably aren't many Ivermectin reports on VAERS because it hasn't been historically popular in America to eat cow dewormer to own the libs. Until now.

Johnson has been spreading anti-science bullshit about COVID-19 since the beginning, so none of this is surprising. Much of his bullshit has been specifically anti-vax bullshit, because of how he's so stupid. He even got suspended from YouTube for it.

But oh well, here we are. The Senate's Dumbest Republican says try the horse dewormer, try whatever, try a BUNCH of drugs, just see what happens. But OH NO, NOT VACCINES, THAT'S A CONSPIRACY.

Jesus Christ, Wisconsin, do something about this in your 2022 midterms.

[Wisconsin Examiner / h/t JoeMyGod]

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