Senate's Dumbest Republican About Three Steps From Denying Capitol Attack Even Happened

Ron Johnson, the once and future titleholder of Senate's Dumbest Republican — sorry, Tubby — is having thoughts about the Capitol terrorist attack, which was incited by Donald Trump and his Big Lie that he won an election he clearly lost by a metric fuckload of votes, and in which people died. Yes, the same Capitol attack where terrorists were looking for the former vice president, a conservative Republican man named Mike Pence, so that they might hang him. The same Capitol attack where those same terrorists also wanted to murder House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and most of the rest of Congress.

Can you even call January 6 an "armed" attack, though? That is what Ron Johnson would like to know, so he asked it on WISN radio out of Milwaukee:

"The fact of the matter is, this didn't seem like an armed insurrection, to me," Johnson said.

Didn't seem like it to him. This didn't seem like an armed insurrection, to Ron Johnson. (We would embed it here except it's age-restricted on YouTube, this attack Trump's MAGA horde committed against the United States Capitol. But it didn't seem like an armed attack to Ron Johnson!)

"When you hear of armed, don't you think of firearms?"

Or knives or zip ties or bombs or Trump flags used to bash out windows and American flags — not the ones you brought from home, because you didn't bring American flags from home, because you carry Trump flags and Confederate flags instead — used to bludgeon people. Oh yes, and also there were guns.

"Here's the question I would've liked to ask [at former President Donald Trump's impeachment trial]. How many firearms were confiscated? I'm only aware of one."

He only heard about one. And Ron Johnson really has his finger on the pulse of what people with known ties to Russian intelligence tell him is the news.

Johnson added, "If that was a planned armed insurrection, you really have a bunch of idiots."

Like recognizes like, we guess.

It's not that Ron Johnson does not get that something pretty big happened at the Capitol that day. He does. At first he didn't get it, but now he does.

"I'm sitting back in my office watching video of the armed insurrectionists staying within the lines inside the Capitol," Johnson said. "They're not even venturing outside of the roped areas. I'm seeing a bunch of people milling about. It wasn't 'til I really saw the video in the trial that you really saw what was happening, and how officers got injured."

And killed. Don't forget killed.

But they weren't "armed," according to Ron Johnson. Why, they probably just sprinkled Antifa dust everywhere, which obviously kills everybody it comes in contact with!

This post is over because there just aren't enough words in the English language for what a goddamned fuckwitted piece of shit this guy is.


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