Senators Who Voted Against Gun Background Checks Very Unpopular In Home States Now, How Weird

That is so weird, how when you vote against something that has a nearly 90 percent approval rating, all of a sudden no one likes you anymore! (Here is how hard it is to get 90 percent of the populace to agree on something, and our favorite statistic that we will still be using on our deathbed, 411 years from now: after the Bush v. Gore merde sandwich, California had a proposition that would mandate that every legally cast vote be counted. Twenty percent of Californians voted against it.) So anyway, everyone's like, yay background checks! Let us make sure we are not selling semiautomatic weapons to Squeaky Fromme! And no matter how many times the NRA said idiot things about how ensuring that guns are only sold to law-abiding citizens discriminated against law-abiding citizens, hardly anybody fell for it! (Approval did drop to the 70s in a lot of states after the sustained yapfest about NOBUMMER FEMA CAMP BULLETS DUSCREMINASHUN, but still: 70s!) YAY AMERICA! And now Jeff Flake, Lisa Murkowski, Mark Begich, Rob Portman, and Dean Heller have seen their approval ratings fall into the -- how you say -- shitter. Oh, also What'shername, Where's the Girl, also too, but she's not in this poll.

That is even weirder, because everyone in the media assured us that even though 90 percent of Americans approved of this common-sense gun law, there was a gap between how much they cared and how much the 10 percent who were against it cared, and so it totally wouldn't hurt Jeff Flake, Lisa Murkowski, Mark Begich, Rob Portman, or Dean Heller.

We remember another time, when we were told there was a big Enthusiasm Gap between the people who would come out for His Lord High Hairgel, Mittens of Romney, versus the other guy, and it turned out there was! Except it was the white Romney voters who stayed home. :(

[PPP, via PoliticalWire]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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