Sending Explosives Through The Mail Is Illegal And Bad Even If You Send Them To Sheriff Joe


Wonkliebers, we have been struggling all day to write this post. And by "struggling all day" we mean "waking up late and drinking whisky for breakfast." But sometimes things are hard, people! It is hard to write something about America's Sheriff without pretty much going balls out mean, but today we are writing about the attempted bombing of America's Sheriff. Listen people, there are very few things upon which yr Wonkette takes an immutable stance, but we are pretty certain that we do not like peopletrying to murder law enforcement officials.

Authorities in Arizona say they intercepted a package on Thursday that had been filled with explosives and mailed to controversial Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The package was flagged as suspicious as it passed through Flagstaff and police there x-rayed the box to discover the explosive device. Local bomb squad technicians disabled it without incident.

Ok, before you get your government-issued pink underwear in a bundle, we do not really believe you should murder anyone, law enforcement or no, because we are hippies. Yes, this includes drone strikes also, too, so please leave that particular pet issue at the door. Generally, you do not get to try to murder people just because you do not like them or what they stand for, which is a good thing because otherwise most modern workplaces and family gatherings would be veritable rivers of blood. You do not get to try to murder people even when you perceive that they are terrible people and wish they were not in power. THIS IS A SIMPLE CREDO, FOR FUCK'S SAKE.

Please limit your murderous fantasy comments to discussions of how the illustrious sheriff should be murdered with votes so that the Editrix doesn't have to spend all day blocking you people.

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