Serious Candidate Victoria 'She's Serious' Jackson Will Save America From Obama's Tyranny With Serious New Ad


Thank Loki and Coyote, our favorite political trickster hero, Victoria Jackson, has unleashed aspanking-new ad for her campaign to win election to a county commission in Tennessee. Her very own blog headline for this thing is "Victoria Jackson Campaign Video # 2," and we couldn't agree more with that assessment. Come, let us delight in its beautiful pointlessness.

The video starts with that cool list of government overreaches, absolutely none of which are within the purview of the Williamson County Commission:

  • Common Core Marxist propaganda
  • light bulbs — Big Gulps
  • EPA
  • Obamacare
  • NDAA*
  • Internet Censorship
  • Political Correctness
  • OK, maybe, just maybe, the Williamson County Commission has some influence over the size of Big Gulps. And we suppose it could pass a regulation proclaiming "Kick A Muslim Day," so maybe she could oppose political correctness by doing that. But the one issue that drives V-Jack more than any other, Common Core, which will force your children to stare at tiny cartoon genitals until they become sex-wild commie Muslims, is not addressed by the County Commission, not one whit.

    And then we get to the talking part, which makes us yearn for the list.

    This is actually pretty good, too, because V-Jack tells us she's been chatting with "singer-songwriter Buddy Kalb" (who is "best known for hits such as "Mississippi Squirrel Revival," performed by Ray Stevens, and "Frog Kissin'," which was performed by numerous artists, including Chet Atkins," according to the wiki), with whom she has a very serious talk about how Barack Obama's every move is governed by Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, which she points out is "dedicated to Lucifer,” but doesn't note that it's the character in Paradise Lost, not the actual Lord of Hellfire.

    And then we get this very serious endorsement of Victoria Jackson's campaign from Mr. Kalb, who is quite serious about her accomplishments:

    “Well, I think you should vote for Victoria Jackson because she’s a very serious-minded person -- unlike her persona, which is just an act. She takes things very seriously, she’s like a coin: on one side, she's the very zany person you saw on Saturday Night Live; on the other side, she’s a very serious-minded person about this country, about politics, and the direction that we’re going. So, you should vote for her because she’s a very serious-minded person.”

    And we'll admit that there is one dude in here who we agree with -- the guy who says we should vote for her because there are actually TWO Victoria Jacksons -- "There's the ditzy Victoria Jackson, and there's the extremely ditzy Victoria Jackson!"

    Best campaign ad since Mike Gravel threw a rock in a lake, people. Stop the communists, like Gov. Bill Haslam, the Republican that Jackson calls a "Progressive (Communist) who supports Common Core." Vote V-Jack, before she runs for something where she could actually have an impact.

    Also, here she is campaigning for another candidate, a guy running for state House. We like the '76 Eldorado convertible, at least.

    *at first we thought she was worried about NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, because Global Warming is a hoax, but no, it's the NDAA.

    [Victoria Jackson / RawStory]

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