What would Harry Reid be doing right now if he hadn't miraculously come back to win Senate re-election? Well, this is apparently what the second-place finisher is supposed to do: "An evening of glamour with special guest Sharron Angle." Ah, the makeup convention. "Sharron will be sharing her beauty and makeup challenges during the campaign and how she overcame them!" A feminist call to action.

She had confidence that she would look great with 14 -16 hour days & with numerous appearances can you!

You know, Sharron Angle, you can just become a lobbyist or something. Consulting? Think tank? Write a book? Actually, we take that back. This is more respectable than any of those things.

Please be our guest... you will be glad you did!

* Girlfriend time

* Chat with Sharron

* Learn some new make-up tips & techniques

* Find out about an amazing revolutionaryskin care line (guaranteed to take 55% of your fine lines and wrinkles away in 8 weeks!) NO kidding!

* Free gift for all who attend

Sounds fun, right? I think so too!

See you there!

Yeah, still more respectable.

Did you know that so many celebrities use SeneGence that they are too numerous to list, but here are a few...

* Christina Augilera

* Kandee Johnson

(makeup artist to the stars)

* Kansas City Chief Cheerleaders

* NewYork Rockettes

* Cast of Friends (when on TV)

* Loretta Swit

* The Real Housewives of Orange County

Barely. Barely more respectable. [Political Wire]

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If there is anything that right-wing men seem to love, it is paying lots and lots of money to other dudes who will tell them how to live and/or function.

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