Shocker: 'Legitimate Raper' Todd Akin Was Really Mean To Women, Has Insane Murdery Friend

Shocker: 'Legitimate Raper' Todd Akin Was Really Mean To Women, Has Insane Murdery Friend

Craaaazy news out of Missouri, everybody. You will notbelieve which of their politicians was arrested eight times at abortion clinics, then got himself elected to the state legislature. Would you believe it was Sen. Todd Akin (R-Uterus)?

It was!

As hard as it might be to believe, the guy who got all scandalized after he decided to talk about "legitimate rape" is not just supportive of anti-abortion legislation, he was (ahem, allegedly) also so voceriferously abusive to women at clinics that the police had to carry him away. What dedication! Most people just donate to Richard Mourdock — Akin finds ladies and insults them, personally!

From National Journal, with a big assist from Right Wing Watch:

Akin was arrested on October 26, 1985, April 19, 1986 and February 28, 1987 for trespassing. A December 27, 1986 arrest was for "trespassing and peace disturbance." The arrests reported by the Post-Dispatch came in the same period, between March 1985 and May 1987, but occurred at other clinics. Three were in St. Louis and one in Granite City, Illinois. The paper said protesters tried to block access to the clinics and refused to leave. In one case, Akin was carried out by police.

Good job, Todd! That will solve your abortion problem — instead of pursuing responsible courses of action like "sexual education," just berate pregnant women until armed officials forcibly remove you, on account of it is the women's constitutional right to be there. Weren't you the one who was so concerned about our Constitution being raped? (It's OK — if the Constitution gets raped, its preamble has ways to "shut that whole thing down.")

How did Akin's camp respond to all of this?

Akin campaign spokesperson Rick Tyler declined to comment on the new arrest records. Tyler has dismissed past Akin arrests as "something that happened a quarter century ago"...

Oh. Hm. Well, it appears there is a statute of limitations on first-degree shitbaggery, so we've got to forget about public, illegal woman-shaming. But has the statute of limitations run out on Hanging Out With Insane People?

Akin was arrested with members of an anti-abortion group later taken over by Tim Dreste, who pushed aggressive action against abortion clinics and was arrested hundreds of times at anti-abortion protests. In one case Dreste held a sign referencing a doctor in Florida who was murdered by protestors...

In 1999, Dreste lost a civil lawsuit that charged he threatened to kill pro-choice plaintiffs who sued him in 1995. He was then censured by the St. Louis Country Republican Central Committee and forced to resign from a seat on the committee.

That is a pretty tenuous connection, you might say. Akin probably doesn't know that guy at all.

But, turns out, he totally does! I know, right?

In 1993 Akin contributed to Dreste's longshot state house campaign. After Dreste started a militia group, Akin was listed as a speaker at a 1995 rally held not long before the bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City, though he apparently did not address the rally...

Whoa! Good thing Akin did not address that militia, otherwise he would have had a crazy and weird connection to groups that believe in blowing people up to defend liberty, like good old Timothy McVeigh. Phew!

Oh. Uh... take it away, Riverfront Times:

In August 2012, Akin--as he has done repeatedly over the years--dismissed any connection to the group that believed in their right to bear arms to defend against violations of the Constitution...

But that wasn't true. In an article that appeared in the Springfield News-Leader on May 5, 1995, Akin readily admits that he is well acquainted with the 1st Missouri Volunteer Militia and personally reviewed their paramilitary "unit"...

Todd Akin defended Moore's group and said that the young movement could be an asset to federal law enforcement (Akin said this, by the way, a month after the Oklahoma City bombing).

Ah, whatever. Akin probably never even met that Dreste guy, right? It's just a coincidence — right, National Journal? Right?

Tyler said Akin now has no relationship with Dreste. But in 2011, shortly before Akin announced his widely expected Senate run, Dreste registered eight Akin-affiliated domain names, such as "ToddAkinFor" People for the American Way also cited a picture posted by Dreste's wife on Facebook showing Akin and the couple's daughter.

If Akin's arrests on charges of haranguing women aren't allowed to be a big deal, how about his death-threating friends in the militia movement, with whom he apparently has daughter-friends? Is that off the table too? Should we just vote for him? He seems like a nice guy. We probably should. [National Journal]

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