ShootyLand Management Says Uzi Release Forms Blown Away Like Uzi Instructor, Only By Wind

Here's one for your "I Totally Believe That" file. You know the rent-an-automatic-weapon amusement park in Arizona where that9-year-old girl was allowed to fire an Uzi submachine gun, killing the "instructor" when the fully automatic weapon's recoil kicked its muzzle toward his head? Turns out that Bullets and Burgers, which has a strict policy of not letting anyone under the age of eight fire automatic weapons, is doing a bang-up job of cooperatin' with the authorities investigating the shooting. They've talked to Mohave County Sherriff's deputies and provided them with all sorts of useful documentation, except maybe they can't find the release forms that the girl's parents signed because the papers were "blown away by the wind." Yr Dok Zoom went to high school in that part of Arizona and knows for a fact that the winds there can be pretty strong, especially if you've got sensitive paperwork that just might accidentally blow away. Happens all the time in those desert winds. Here, courtesy of Talking Points Memo, are the exciting documents from the actual investigation. Or attempted investigation, whatevs:

Sgt. J. Thien described his attempt to get the releases in the report:

Here's deputy B. Cassidy's description of his attempt to locate the release forms:

Also, just to add to the overall horror of the event, we learn from the report that the girl's parents didn't realize that the "instructor," Charles Vacca, had been shot at first, because they were worried that their daughter had injured her shoulder -- she told her mother that the gun had been too powerful for her.

Police believe that the individual most at fault was Vacca, who let the girl handle the Uzi alone without adequate "training," not that you NEED training at Bullets and Burgers, as we noted earlier in this fun image from their Facebook page:

Would you believe that's still up? Guess all the wind has left them a little lightheaded. In an Aug. 27 interview, gun range owner Sam Scarmardo explained to MSNBC's Chris Hayes that it was real sad, but shooting an Uzi was on the girl's bucket list, so whaddyagonna do, ya know?

Doktor Zoom

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