Shy Dude Not Brave Enough To Attend Class With Ladies But Brave Enough To Complain About It

Shy Dude Not Brave Enough To Attend Class With Ladies But Brave Enough To Complain About It

Man, what is up with higher education in Canada? Was there a bat-signal that went to lazy contrarian weirdos and told them all to attend college? First we had the guy who wouldn't go to class because his sky god did not like him interacting with ladies, and today we have the guy who filed a human rights claim demanding to be excused from attending his women's studies class because of how it was all ladies and he is shy.

A male University of Toronto student filed a claim with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal accusing his Women and Gender Studies professor of discriminating against him when she failed him for never having attended the course.

Wongene Daniel Kim claims that Professor Sarah Trimble’s course was the only one that would fit in his schedule, but when he arrived on the first day, he discovered he was the only male in the class.

“I felt anxiety,” Kim told The Toronto Star. “I didn’t expect it would be all women and it was a small classroom and about 40 women were sort of sitting in a semicircle and the thought of spending two hours every week sitting there for the next four months was overwhelming.”

40 women! In a women's studies class! In a semi-circle! THE HORROR. Did our fair young hero just drop the class and figure he'd find something another semester? Of course he didn't. He just stone cold never went to class again and then complained about how he didn't know he was sucking in the class because the teacher, being history's greatest lady professor monster, had the temerity to HAND THE ASSIGNMENTS BACK DURING CLASS.

“We live in a digital era, why couldn’t she have posted the marks online?” Kim said.

“I believe if you want to attract more males to these courses, you have to work with them. My request for accommodation was reasonable.”

What women's studies class wouldn't find itself seriously enhanced by getting more dudes that refuse to attend class and demand that the teacher accommodate them by waiving a class participation grade? Those are some quality students, no doubt, and will really elevate the discourse by not attending and not interacting.

Thank Cheezus the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal thought this was as blindingly stupid a complaint as we do, and told the dude to go hang.

[T]he tribunal ruled his complaint did not warrant a hearing.

“The applicant has not satisfied me that his claimed discomfort in a classroom of women requires accommodation under the (Ontario Human Rights) Code,” wrote adjudicator Mary Truemner. “He admitted that his discomfort is based on his own ‘individual preference’ as a shy person . . . and stated he thought they (the women) would not be willing to interact with him because of his gender.”

This was “merely speculation as he never gave the class, or the women, a chance,” wrote Truemner, vice-chair of the tribunal.

Now to be fair we would probably have hated that dude had he been in one of our classes, so maybe his fear of being shunned is well-founded in some circumstance, but these were Canadian ladies, and everyone knows how nice they are and they would have enfolded him with open arms and welcomed him to their drum circle and sung him some Joni Mitchell. All we are saying is give ladies a chance.

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