Sidney Powell Serves Up Rotting Squid Carcass To Supreme Court
The Krakhead Cometh

It was a wild weekend in Krakenland, with Sidney Powell and Lin Wood spreading mirth and holiday cheer by giving us all so many opportunities to share a hearty belly laugh. HO HO HO!

Last week, Powell's Michigan and Georgia appeals washed up on the Supreme Court's docket. "Time is not on the fraudster's side," the superlawyer crowed, before realizing she'd have to ask for expedited hearing if she wanted to have the Court even look at her case before January 14. So on Friday night, she dropped this motion to consolidate her four election cases and have the Court consider them in the week between Christmas and New Year's.

Four cases? But there are only two cases on the docket, so what is that fruit bat on about?

The Arizona and Wisconsin Petitions were electronically filed and hand delivered to the Court on December 12. Nonetheless, on December 17, the Clerk's office marked both "Rejected" on the Court's ECF database. When inquiry was made about this notation, undersigned counsel was informed that a Clerk's Office analyst had disallowed them, for reasons unspecified, without participation by any Justice of the Court. Counsel was informed that an explanation would be provided via U.S. Mail.

We find this (presumably innocent) lapse atypical of the proud traditions in the Office of the Supreme Court Clerk. More important, we are confident that deficiencies in the Arizona and Wisconsin Petitions, if there be any, are curable. We respectfully request that the Court deem those submissions filed nunc pro tunc and consolidate them, once filed, with the Michigan and Georgia Petitions.

Called it. She fucked up the Arizona and Wisconsin filings somehow, and is now trying to blame the clerk, who is maybe Deep State. That's going to go over like a fart in a car.

Anyway, she'd like full credit for her work, which she'd like the court to treat as if it were turned in on time — that's what nunc pro tunc means. No, she did not submit a copy of either pleading with this motion. What kind of outfit do you think Sidney Powell is running here? The Court should simply take judicial notice of the pleadings as if they were properly filed and the Court could see them, although as a technical matter nothing exists until it hits the docket. Then the justices can join the two phantom cases with the live ones, making one monster Kraken to overturn the election. Each case is alleging an entirely different set of facts, but if Sidney's not bothered by that, then the judges shouldn't worry about it either. Also she'd like to present new evidence on appeal, is lying about the state legislatures approving an alternate slate of cosplay electors, and demands an unconstitutional remedy since the courts have no power to compel Congress to cede its constitutional power over the Electoral College. But, you know, other than that, A-plus!

You will be shocked to hear the Justices did not move with alacrity to require Michigan and Georgia to respond by noon on Saturday. Probably an oversight. Blame the clerk!

Meanwhile, Powell's buddy Lin Wood has filed yet another federal claim against Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, this time in an effort to stop the Georgia Senate runoffs. He didn't have standing to sue in the presidential races, but this time his arglebargle about signature matches will no doubt wow those judges. Whatever, you don't care.

But he did gift us this totally perfect typo, for which we should all be most grateful.

"Plenty of perjury," said the lawyer, who is representing himself of course. It's a bit on the nose, even for 2020.

And like chocolate and peanut butter, what could taste better than a Sidney Powell/Lin Wood mashup? Mmmm, goes down like earwax and Marmite.

As New York Times media columnist Ben Smith wrote yesterday, Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic are prepping defamation actions against Trumpland and its media allies for all the bullshit they've been spewing about a plot by Hugo Chávez to steal the election for Joe Biden. Dominion hired Thomas Clare, the lawyer you go to when you're not screwing around with your defamation claim. Erik Connolly, the lawyer for Smartmatic, is no slouch either.

They've sent letters to Fox News, One America News Network, Newsmax, the Trump campaign, and Powell demanding a retraction, sending the networks scurrying off to air segments debunking their prior claims. The Trump campaign is also taking this seriously, and has sent a preservation letter to all staff in anticipation of future litigation.

Meanwhile, Lin Wood is just flipping the bird to the companies, tossing off a five-sentence letter saying, "I am not impressed. Ms. Powell retracts nothing. File your lawsuit." It's a bold strategy, Cotton. But with Wood's recent win-loss record, Sidney Powell is clearly in good hands.

So many gifts this holiday season. Truly, we must all be thankful. #Blessed.

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