Silly Al Franken! Only Republicans Are Allowed To Investigate The FBI!

Senator Al Franken really upset the applecart Sunday in a CNN interview, saying he expects the Senate Judiciary Committee will probably investigate the strange behavior of the FBI in the last couple weeks to find out whether it was the result of pressure from Congress, a bunch of infighting among FBI agents, or perhaps brain parasites from cat poop (he didn't mention the last one, but you can tell he wanted to). Acting as if Democrats might actually have some kind of power in the Senate in the near future, Franken, a member of the Judiciary Committee, told Jake Tapper he found James Comey's vague letter to Congress "troubling" for hinting at a renewed investigation of Hillary Clinton's email criming just before the election, and expects hearings on the potential FBI interference in the election:

I think what’s troubling, we’ve heard out of the FBI, I think it was troubling that he put that vague letter out eleven days before the election, even more troubling is what we’ve heard from sort of the rogue elements within the FBI, seemingly tipping off former Mayor Giuliani that something was up and also -- I mean, it just seems like -- that’s not the FBI. That’s not what the FBI is supposed to do.

Our favorite part of the interview was Franken's characterization of Comey's leadership: "He should be able to control the FBI. He is the director. What has been happening there has been a little hinky, I think." That it has, Al. That it has.

Franken refrained from suggesting Comey had any connection to what he called "rogue elements" leaking anti-Hillary Clinton rumors all over the media, especially the cabal of crazy rightwing uncles in the New York FBI office. But he did say he wants to know more about how all that happened, especially this stuff with a major investigative office of the nation's top law enforcement agency pursuing leads from that Clinton Cash book published by Dead Breitbart Inc, whose CEO happens to be running Donald Trump's campaign:

I think we’re gonna try to to get to the bottom of this sort of rogue element within the FBI that seems to think it's OK to go outside the FBI, trying to affect the election and seems to be responding to just scurrilous right wing books and starting investigations based on that kind of -- you know, that kind of propaganda that we’ve seen before. That's disturbing. If you’re director of the FBI, you should be able to prevent that from happening.

Dang, he's pretty wild there, with all the accusations! What is this, some kind of witch hunt fishing expedition? Doesn't Franken understand that endless investigations are the House Republicans' joint?

Fortunately, the "alt-right" is on it, with some rando Nazi asshole at 4chan calling for swift action once Donald Trump has restored Constitutional government to the USA: "Kikes like this should be publically hanged for treason against the United States." Then they called Franken a cuck, for good measure.


Doktor Zoom

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