Snot-Nosed South Carolina State Rep. Proves You Must Stop Electing These Whippersnappers


Millennials! First they shit all over your dress code and then when you call them on it they huff off in a snit and then they make up a bunch of unbelievable nonsense about why they didn't show up to work for two months and then when you're all "Hi, Republican state Rep. Eric Bikas,will you be joining us in the workplace?" they're all "FUCK YOU OLD MAN, I ANSWER TO MY CONSTITUENTS, NOT TO YOU!" Ask any HR rep; kids in their 20s do not think anyone should be the boss of them ever. (Also, their moms come with them to the job interview.) (Also, Your Wonkette knows a Millennial who declined to show up on the first day of a $40,000/year job, because it would have required the wearing of pants.)

The Easley Patch provides a long and very detailed account of Young Bikas's confusion, but boiled down it seems to come to: he was wearing khakis and tennies instead of the requisite suit and tie and so was asked to go home and put on togs more suited to the chamber's decorum., and he took that as a sign that he had been fired. [Bikas's blather about committee assignments and redistricting omitted for you, our beloved Reader.]

[House spokesman Greg] Foster said the Speaker has attempted to contact [Bikas] at least twice since then and had been unable to reach him.

Bikas said he has sought legal counsel, but at this point just doesn't know where to turn.

"For the past six weeks, I've been trying to figure out if I am a legislator or not," Bikas said. "I've been writing down dates that things happened and put it into perspective."

Bikas, who is still being paid for his in-district work, said he feels badly for his constituents. He said they voted him in to fight for less government spending, which is what he was trying to do when he was asked to leave.

Dudes, best part:

"I run small businesses," Bikas said.

Presumably, a paper route. [Easley Patch, via HuffPo]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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