Social Security Ad Was Actually Too Terrible For Sharron Angle To Air


[youtube expand=1]

Remember early on in Sharron Angle's campaign when her staff was only composed of people who had no idea how to run a campaign? This is an ad they made with some elderly volunteers in the desert. Unfortunately, this ad didn't air, because even Sharron Angle could see how bad and unprofessional (Did or did not Harry Reid vote against declaring English our national lap?) it was.

Yes, the people responsible for this ad were dead serious about it airing on television.

Hmm! Unfortunately, because it didn't air, these old people will not receive the Emmys they deserve for their performances. And also those Angle staffers left them in the vans for a few hours with the windows up and they all died in the hot car, probably. And also Harry Reid was elected despite the fact he is literally a teenage illegal-immigrant gangbanger WEARING MULTIPLE BANDANAS. [Casey & Heather thanks to Wonkette operative "Edward O."]


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