• This dumb lady writer at Reason has a real confuse and thinks California's new consent law makes sex no fun anymore. Sad face.

    Feminists are super excited about California's newly minted "yes means yes" law that they claim will not only make sex safer on American campuses, but also better. But that's as credible as telling little boys that masturbation will make them blind. To the extent that the law works, it will actually ruin both good men and good sex. [...]

    The truth is that, except in the first flush of infatuation, both partners are rarely equally excited. At any given moment, one person wants sex more passionately than the other. What's more, whether due to nurture or nature, there is usually a difference in tempo between men and women, with women generally requiring more "convincing." And someone who requires convincing is not yet in a position to offer "affirmative" much less "enthusiastic" consent. That doesn't mean that the final experience is unsatisfying — but it does mean that initially one has to be coaxed out of one's comfort zone. Affirmative consent would criminalize that.

    We do not understand what is so difficult to understand about consensual sex. "Hey, do you want to have this sex with me right now?" "Yes." "Great, let's do that!" Or, "No, I do not." "Okay, then, we shall not do that."

    It seems pretty simple, ACTUALLY. Even if you are not the vanilla type, and you like to say "no" as part of your sexytime, there are still ways to do that consensually. (So we've heard, anyway. We are A Lady and do not know anything about that from personal experience, just in case our family or our rabbi or any of the gentlemen we've said "nah, we're not into that" to is reading this right now.)

    You know what, dumb lady writer? If you don't understand the difference between seduction and forcing someone to do sex when she's, say, too drunk or drugged or asleep or pinned down and gagged to say "yes, let's have sex," you're probably too dumb to be having sex in the first place. Please stop.

  • The GOP's jobs plan, in one perfect tweet:
  • Republican katrillionaire and, sadly, the next governor of Illinois maybe, Bruce Rauner sure seems like a real nice guy:

    The lawsuit alleged that Rauner told Kirk in February 2001: “If you go legal on us, we’ll hurt you and your family.”

    Kirk also alleged that Rauner, wary of a her possibly suing, relayed a similar threat to her a few days earlier through another board member, Thomas Gilman, a consultant and ex-top executive at Chrysler Financial.

    “I will bury her,” Rauner is alleged to have told Gilman.

    “I will make her radioactive,” Rauner allegedly told Gilman, according to the complaint. “She will never get another job anywhere, ever. I will bankrupt her with legal fees. I don’t know if she has a family or not, but if she does, she better think twice about this.”

  • Bill Donahue, president and sole member of the Catholic League, hatesplains The Jews, The Islamics, and The Lefticists -- and gets it all wrong:

    “I think there is also a sense here, a lot of these people really don’t like America,” he explained. “What does Islam have in common with the left? Maybe not in terms of ideology, but in terms of an animus against this country, and I think it’s palpable, and they don’t like Jews either.”

    You know who the real Oppressedicized-Americans are? Yeah, of course you do:

    “And I’m so fed up with these phonies — (like) Chris Hayes on MSNBC — they don’t care at all about Catholic bashing.”

    If only Catholics had some representation in Congress. Maybe on the Supreme Court. Then maybe, just maybe, they'd get a fair shake.

  • Did you miss the total eclipse of the moon?

    Weather prospects for Wednesday's total lunar eclipse are great for observers hoping to catch a glimpse of the "blood moon" from around the United States.

    The moon will start moving into Earth's dark shadow, signaling the start of the partial phase of the eclipse, at 5:15 a.m. EDT (0915 GMT) on Oct. 8. The total phase of the eclipse will begin about 70 minutes later. The only regions of the United States where poor total lunar eclipse viewing conditions are expected are in New England, the central Rockies and the Southwest desert.

    If you forgot to set your alarm, that's okay. You can look at pretty pictures anyway.

  • Our gone but not forgotten little sister Happy Nice Time People has your regular report on what people like to watch on the teevee. You'll never guess what still tops the chart on Sunday:

    1. Sunday Night Football wasn’t quite as dominant as usual but was still far and away the number one show of the night with 18.1 million total viewers.

    2. The football pregame came in second with 13.0 million.

    Happy also has all your teevee recaps for your teevee recap reading pleasure. Go take a look and show Happy some love. Someone should, after all.

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FINALLY. Of course, we say "finally," because we haven't been behind the scenes in the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees to witness the negotiating and wrangling firsthand, so we don't know what it's taken to make this happen, but clear your calendars for July 17, because Bobby Mueller is goin' to Congress!

Committee chairs Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler sent the letter late yesterday, accompanied by a subpoena, for Mueller to testify at 9 a.m. Eastern on July 17, which is a Wednesday, so you will presumably not be busy with brunch. The hearings for each committee will be back to back, after which members of Mueller's staff will meet with committee staff behind closed doors.

Schiff told Rachel Maddow last night that it should not be viewed as a friendly subpoena, because as we all know, Mueller has been very reluctant to become the star of the political circus this will surely create. However, he's gonna have to suck it up, because as we all saw after what happened when Mueller addressed the nation for 10 whole minutes, there is great value in actually having Mueller breathe life into his own work, for an American audience that hasn't read his 448-page report. (And we don't blame them/you! We probably wouldn't have read it all if it wasn't our job. It would probably be on our "list," like "someday I am going to watch 'The Sopranos' start to finish finally. And then I will read the Mueller Report!")

Point is, it needs to happen on live TV, where people can gather around at work and on the train and in the Fantastic Sams while they gets their hair did, and let this highly respected public servant tell the story of how America's most hostile enemy attacked the 2016 election in order to help Donald Trump, how the Trump campaign was positively orgasmic over that reacharound, and how Trump criminally obstructed the investigation into that hostile foreign attack at every turn.

And because Robert Mueller is a patriotic American who respects the rule of law and our institutions, he will be complying with the subpoena, because of fucking course he will.

Right off the bat, we have a couple of questions:

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Beds at the 'temporary' shelter in Homestead, Florida. US HHS photo.

The House of Representatives passed a $4.5 billion emergency bill to fund detention of undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers yesterday, but the bill's demands that government meet minimal standards of humane treatment led Donald Trump to threaten a veto, because no one puts cruelty in a corner. The bill passed largely along party lines, 230-195, with four progressive Democratic first-term representatives opposing it because they believed the machinery of the New Cruelty shouldn't get a single dollar more. Trump prefers a bill already passed by the Senate, which would provide a similar level of funding $4.6 billion), but lacks the House bill's crazy radical requirements that migrants be held in less horrifying conditions than have been reported in the last week.

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