Some QAnon People Think New CNN Head May Be Their New Savior. Lucky CNN!

Some QAnon People Think New CNN Head May Be Their New Savior. Lucky CNN!
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One of the more amusing things about QAnon people, I find, is their continued heartfelt belief that their absurd nonsense is always on the precipice of becoming mainstream. One of their favorite catch phrases, of many, is "We are the media now" — and despite the reluctance of the rest of the world to go along with them, they have held fast to it. Indeed, many of them now regularly report all of the news that's fit to make up in their own heads.

But for many, that's not enough. It doesn't quite live up to the promise of "We are the media now" if they are the only ones paying attention to said media. Heck, the rest of us probably didn't even hear about Alec Baldwin's alleged pantsless GITMO execution, reported on conspiracy site RealRawNews (archived link) earlier this month:

Somehow a handcuffed Baldwin had writhed his prison pants and underwear down to his ankles while being driven from Camp Delta to the execution site. He appeared from the Humvee half-naked, exposing himself to Vice Admiral Darse E. Crandall and 3 other officers there to witness the hanging.

“Born naked, die naked,” Baldwin shouted, sweat dripping from his flabby jowl. “How do you like me now, Admiral Crandall? And F*** you, Donald Trump. I made you famous.”

President Trump was not present.

And that is why so many of them are so eagerly looking forward to the day when they take over the mainstream media as well. Some of them even think that day is here. No, not because of Fox, not because of Newsmax or OANN or Right Side Broadcasting Network ... but because of CNN. For the past couple days, users of the Great Awakening message board have speculated that newly minted CNN CEO Chris Licht is a "white hat," ie: someone who shares their beliefs and is working "from the inside" to make their dreams come true.

The evidence? For one, his last name is Licht.

"Licht means light. Could it be that the dark days of CNN are over? Dark to Light?" wrote one user, sharing a screenshot of the news that Licht is discouraging use of the term "The Big Lie" to refer to Trump's insistence that he won the election on the grounds that it is "a Democratic Party catch phrase" that makes the network seem less objective.

The most popular response to that post argues that the "Q team" must be invading CNN for the purpose of reprogramming the rest of us:

This isn't surprising to me. This is part of the Great Awakening in my opinion. I believe a huge Trump ally is a CEO at one of the conglomerates that now owns CNN. They are slowly but surely cleaning house and I'm betting that over the next 5 years CNN becomes a reputable news outlet. Think of how the lefty commies took over America - they started back in the 60's on their quest to control the media, the education system, and the entertainment industry. They couldn't implement their radical agenda overnight. It literally took decades but contrast where we are now with the 1950's - they were VERY successful. Now, I believe the Q team is using their own gameplay against them. They are infiltrating CNN from the top down and slowly molding it into something better. I would bet similar plans are in place for the entertainment industry and educational system - the other 2 pillars that the commies identified as necessary for controlling a population. I think the whitehats are making the most progress in the media at the moment between CNN and Twitter (and Truth). Perhaps that is the spearhead of their attack. Will be interesting to watch it all unfold. Patience will be necessary as tides slowly change. I think the whitehats understand that infiltration is more effective than invasion. The sheep rail against Truth Social or OANN so why not take over their beloved CNN and Twitter and slowly reprogram them through those platforms instead?

Well that just seems true.

Another post today, titled in part "There will be no great awakening without MSM flipping," suggests that between Trump's demand for "equal time" and Licht's reported plans to get rid of liberal commentators on the network in order to make things more centrist, that is close to happening.

The user wrote:

President Trump demands Equal Time (regarding January 6th Witch Hunt), an FCC rule requiring Networks to give political candidates equal advertising time. Although it may seem unrelated, I believe this statement lays the foundation for big changes @cnn, specifically.

Chris Licht, new CEO at CNN indicates changes are coming:

I've long held that normies will never wake up until their chosen trusted news sources begin to reprogram them with the truth. CNN flipping and re-emerging to the right of Fox News would wake up sleeping Americans on both sides of the political Spectrum.

This would really only make any kind of sense if we were all somehow rendered unable to distinguish rightwing QAnon propaganda when we see it. While we cannot say for sure that Chris Licht is not a secret QAnon plant, it seems pretty likely that if CNN started reporting on nefarious Satanic pizza rings, the imminent arrival of a not-dead JFK or JFK Jr., or using gematria to interpret the news, someone might pick up on that.

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