Some White Fox News Idiot Being Real Piece Of Sh*t, Same Old Same Old

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Some White Fox News Idiot Being Real Piece Of Sh*t, Same Old Same Old

Time for some garden variety white nonsense from some Fox News garden variety white people!

Martha MacCallum, while interviewing former Trump "economy" idiot Larry Kudlow — who as far as we can tell has never been right about anydamnfuckingthing —had some thoughts about a free school lunch program in New Jersey.

What is it, Martha MacCallum?

MARTHA MACCALLUM (HOST): One of the things that kills me

Kills her, just kills her.

is that now, you know, there's a free lunch program in New Jersey.

That's the thing that kills her.

And it's for everyone.

Everyone! Not just the white rich kids who are accustomed to complimentary hors d'oeuvres before dinner! Even the kids who need to do the thing with the bootstraps and the uphill both ways!

This just kills her.

Even if you — you don't need help to send your child's lunch to school. So, those kids are all going to grow up thinking, well, school lunch is free. Right?

And then the ... murders began?

And then God help the person who comes along and tries to take that away, Larry.

Who is the person coming along to steal all the food from the children? And why is Martha MacCallum begging for God's help in advance on behalf of that person? Who would be that much of a giant trashbag asshole to do such a thing?

You talk about free lunch.

Free school lunch. It's not like these kids are learning that all lunches of all kinds are always free. They're not gonna start rampaging through the nation's Chipotles holding out empty plates or anything.

I mean, that will never — once that happens, right, once it's baked in there — never going to end.


This is the hellscape our parents told us about, late at night, by the campfire, holding flashlights under their faces and using their spookytime voices.

Or maybe that's how they did it in Martha MacCallum's family, God what a piece of shit.

[Media Matters]

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