What does an Asian lady fake-playing the cello have in common with the federal government? They are both drug addicts with financial problems! That is your comedy premise for this hi-larious new "parody ad" from conservative ladies' luncheon interest the Concerned Women for America, in which a woman with money issues decides to try the same "pills" the government is taking, a painkilling medication called "Spenditol." GET IT??!

In real life the correct metaphor is called a "credit card," something that most Americans carry and, like the federal government, often max out because they do not have sufficient income, and then get depressed. We are laughing!

Why only mock the federal government? Let us take the premise of this video and just extend it so we can comfortably mock all the people everywhere who need to "borrow money from the Chinese" (shop at Wal-Mart?) in order to avoid the economic pain of total collapse. Oh these people and their state governments, their auto companies, their financial institutions, their Newt Gingrich, their ordinary consumers -- let's refer to them as crack whores, every one of them. We're just a nation of drug addict prostitutes! Still laughing! Everyone everywhere is laughing except Rush Limbaugh, who has never been a drug addict or a prostitute. [YouTube]


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