St. Louis Police Not All That Interested In How People End Up Shot, Apparently


While the entire world has taken an interest in just how St. Louis residents are ending up shot in the street, there's one group who does not seem all that interested: the police.

According to Riverfront Times, St. Louis County resident Mya Aaten-White was leaving a Mike Brown rally on Aug. 12, when all of a sudden:

[S]hots rang out. Everyone dropped to the ground and covered their heads. When she sat up, Aaten-White knew something was wrong.

"Oh my God, you're shot in the head," she recalls a young man telling her.

Aaten-White was taken to the hospital, where the bullet was removed from her skull. The next day, when she awoke from surgery, a funny thing -- funny weird, not funny ha ha -- happened.

[T]he doctors and nurses told her police officers came and confiscated the bullet as evidence. As she recovered, she says, she waited for those officers to return and do a full interview about the incident.

"I would ask every day while I was there," she says, "'Did anyone from the police department come? Have they called for me? Are they going to be here today?' And nobody could give me an answer."

And yet, huh, no one from the police department has contacted her. Is that a thing that makes you go hmmmmm? Well, then, this will really blow your mind. According to media reports, the police are apparently "looking for four or five men" in what they are calling a drive-by incident. But according to Aeten-White, who was actually there at the time that she was shot in the head, that's not what happened.

Aaten-White says she didn't see a car or a weapon, and the only "four or five" young black men she observed were the ones who brought her to safety.

"Those words never came out of my mouth. I didn't know what people were talking about. I never said it was a drive-by," she says. "Those young men carried me and saved my life."

So police have confiscated the evidence and are looking for the "four or five" black male suspects without even bothering to follow up with the one witness we actually know was there. ALLEGEDLY. No, wait, not allegedly, she actually was there, she has the gunshot wound in her head to prove it. But if you're concerned that police may be investigating this "drive-by" shooting and the Black Men suspects all wrong, you can set those concerns aside. It seems they're not investigating it at all!

She also retained Marwan Porter, a Florida-based attorney who specializes in cases involving police misconduct and personal injury. He's in town now, and Daily RFT spoke with him yesterday as he drove to the Ferguson Police Department to try to obtain Aaten-White's case files.

"We want to find out who and what agency took possession of the bullet," he said. "We want to identify who was responsible for firing the weapon that ended up with a bullet being lodged in the front of Mya's head."

When we spoke with him several hours later, the story just got weirder.

"I've talked to both the St. Louis County Police Department and Ferguson...they have no file number, no report," he said. "They don't have anything."

Okay, so to sum up: Michael Brown is shot and killed by a police officer, and while we have all seen the police report and DAMNING VIDEO of the robbery he allegedly committed, all hopped up on rap music and weed, before he was shot and killed, we have yet to see the police report on the cop who shot and killed him. And now another St. Louis resident has been shot, and there appears to be no report on that either. Why, it's almost as if the police don't seem especially interested in investigating shootings. But maybe it's just because they have more important things to do. Like guarding McDonald's.

[Riverfront Times via Esquire]


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