Stephen Colbert Didn't Need To See Obama's ISIS Speech To Be FURIOUS About It (Video)


Stephen Colbert, the one conservative hero we all love, taped his Wednesday episode of the Colbert Report before President Obama addressed the nation on his strategy for dealing with ISIS. Which didn't prevent Stephen from preemptively disagreeing with whatever it was Obama would say later that night, like any true conservative patriot would. And did.

Colbert: As you know by now, if you are watching this on a television, and I hope you are, by now President Obama has gone on the air tonight to outline his plan to degrade and destroy ISIS. […]

Now I tape my show at 7 o'clock, folks, so I have no idea what he said tonight. All I know is that I completely agree with what [Fox News's] Andrea Tantaros said at 5 o'clock, four hours before the president’s speech.

[Clip of Tantaros]: I’m very deeply troubled by what he will say.

Colbert: I couldn’t have agreed more. Because I also have not seen it, and I am furious about what I think it will be. We’ll have full coverage of the speech tomorrow, whether or not I ever watch it. Hashtag: golfer-in-chief.

Yep, that about sums up conservative coverage of Obama doing, well, anything, doesn't it? Whatever he says or does, or will say or will do in the future, the one thing they know is that they are definitely against it.


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